5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Dedicated Server in 2019

In terms of your online experience, a dedicated server is the ultimate when it comes to performance, security, and control. Shared hosting is great, however hosting your site on a dedicated server is even better. Think of it this way; having a dedicated server hosting is like having your very own private room, whereas shared hosting is like being in a dorm room, sharing the space with others. Sharing is great but there are benefits of having your very own private space. So here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching to a dedicated server for your hosting needs in 2019

1. Security

If you’re running an online business, or handling sensitive information on your website, then security should be a major priority. With shared hosting, you run the risk of security breaches and attacks because you could be to sharing resources with a potentially malicious website. However, a dedicated server offers optimal security for your websites and any user information stored on the server, because you control what goes on the server.

2. Customization

If you have custom programming needs, a dedicated server is the right option for you. Generally speaking, shared hosting does not give you customizable options, whereas with a dedicated server you can get the specifications you desire; from the RAM, to storage space and even the kind of processor you would like. You’ll have full control over your server and your hosting environment.

3. Performance

Dedicated servers provide high levels of performance for websites and web applications, especially when they become too large for shared server resources. This is because the larger the website or application, the larger the drain on server resources. A dedicated server also offers guaranteed uptime since you are not sharing bandwidth with other heavy users.

4. Better traffic management

The amount of people visiting your website every day is an important factor in your websites’ performance. If you expect high levels of traffic daily, a dedicated server will allow your site to handle even the biggest traffic spikes. When on a shared hosting plan, another website may be having a lot of traffic on their website, thereby affecting the load times of your site.

5. Room to grow

If you have a site that will require major resources in the not too distant future, you may find it best to start out with the type of hosting you’ll need rather than trying to migrate your site to a dedicated server. Some hosting options will allow you to scale up, but there’s a limit to the amount of resources you’ll have access to so all in all you’re better off starting with a dedicated server.

These are just some reasons why you should consider a dedicated server for your business or enterprise.

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