What is a domain transfer? A domain transfer is a process of changing the entitled registrar of a domain name. Once the transfer has been made, the new registrar will maintain all the important inform
  • Mary Gachie
  • Aug 31, 2017
Domain Name Taken
Most companies and bloggers have been here before. You get everything you need for your business or blog then you start thinking of a website. You have already settled for a name so you pick up your p
  • James Njoroge
  • Aug 29, 2017
1.Log in into your gmail account. 2.Click on the gear icon and click on setting. 3. Then choose  Forwarding and POP/IMAP. 4. Enable IMAP and click on save changes. 5. After you have configured gmail
  • Cyrus Muriuki
  • Aug 23, 2017
1.Open your outlook. 2. Click on file. 3. Then click on open & export. 4. Choose Import/Export 5. On the pop up window choose an action, Export to a file and click on next. 6. On export to a file
  • Cyrus Muriuki
  • Aug 23, 2017
types of domain names
The first thing you must have when starting a business is a location. Whether you sell custom antiques from the comfort of your home or offer administrative services from an office space, your busines
  • Mercy Rop
  • Aug 22, 2017
Secure Socket Layer commonly known as SSL is an approved security protocol used to enact an encrypted link between a client and a server (web browser and web server). The link is a guarantee that the
  • Cyrus Muriuki
  • Aug 18, 2017