Bounce Rate – Why Your Website Visitors Are Leaving Just After Arrival

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits that do not end with a visitor browsing any further than their landing page.

Experts say that a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent, while 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. Anything above that should deeply concern for the owner of the website; as it means visitors do not have enough reasons to stick around long enough to do what he/she wants them to do. This basically means that the website is a white elephant. Luckily, Legibra has the capacity to reverse that; but before we get there, let us give you some of the causes for high bounce rates.



  1. Broken links.

Nothing turns a visitor off more than reading the dreaded “404 Error” message in a website. It’s scary, to begin with, and fishy.

The error is caused by moving a website to a new domain without linking the 2 domains or even changing URLs in a website after an overhaul.


  1. Broken promises.

Well, not only broken links drive people away. Oftentimes, unprofessional marketers run offers promising heaven if one clicks on the link to their website. Visitors quickly go in, but get out even quicker immediately they find out they are victims of bait-and-switch.


  1. Slow loading time.

People have other pressing matters to attend to these days. Also, the ready availability of competitors waiting in the wings has left people with options.

Slow loading speed may be as a result of incapacitated hosting, which can be solved with getting a better, modern hosting provider or even upgrading your current hosting plan.


  1. Pop-ups.

People hate pop-ups, especially those of ads. They like being in control of what they see, and throwing ads right into their faces robs them of that.A custom “Subscribe Here” or “Get a Quote” is welcome because visitors come to your website for exactly that; but advertising for other products unless done ‘underwater’, may frustrate serious visitors and drive them away real quick.

A custom “Subscribe Here” or “Get a Quote” is welcome because visitors come to your website for exactly that; but advertising for other products unless done ‘underwater’, may frustrate serious visitors and drive them away real quick.


  1. Autoplay videos and videos.

Much has been written about the nuisance that is autoplay music but some website owners have elected to throw fuel into the fire by introducing the dreaded auto play videos.

People browse mostly in offices and cafes, all public places that can haunt them forever if noise unceremoniously booms out of their computer and everybody turns around to see who the crazy guy is.

The natural thing to do is to close the troublesome tab and look for a website that is more in touch with their preferences.


  1. Bad web design.

Everybody feels pretty, and as such, they do not want to get negative energy from an ugly website. A website with stuffed information, disoriented colors and poor navigation cannot keep people around. It is written.


  1. Mobile unresponsiveness.

Researchers say, with reason, that a person spends an average of a whopping five hours a day on their mobile devices. And with tens of apps churning notifications that compete for attention, one is not going to pitch a tent in a website unless they are having a very good experience.


  1. Bad content.

Content that is not captivating or engaging is a good as no content at all. Visitors want to be eased into buying, to be convinced they are in the right place and to be given irresistible Call to Actions.

Due to the content they have to consume every day, they would stand bad content. They will head to a website that can give them exactly want they want.

It is for that reason that Legibra now offers content development services. We realized that as much as we produce brilliant websites, they will not exceed expectations unless they have very good content.



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Legibra Cares.

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