5 Ways to Customize WordPress Theme

5 Ways To Customize WordPress Theme

Few things make a site feel like an extension of your personality like its design. With WordPress, there are many ways to customize your website to make it look and feel as unique as you are. In this post, we look at five simple ways to customize a WordPress theme.

Ways to Customize WordPress Website

1. Customize WordPress theme

Whether you choose WordPress Sydney theme or Talon theme, there’s always something missing or something that needs to be added to make the theme reflect exactly who you are or what your business does. Still, customizing your theme doesn’t only change the look and feel of your website, you can also add new features like interactive post sliders or a unique home page layout.

2. Customize WordPress Menus and Widgets

Unless your website is one of those small, business-card-like one pagers, it needs a menu to guide your visitors around the site. Customizing your WordPress website allows you to create a simple site navigation and drop-down menus that direct visitors to important parts of your site. Widgets, on the other hand, are just fancy icons like the image that shows the wifi status on your phone. Most widgets on WordPress usually look the same, but you will agree with me that some widgets are more critical to your site’s growth than others. For example, an email subscription widget is more important than an archives widget and should appear more prominently.

3. Customize WordPress Header and Background

Your website’s header and logo are by far the most identifiable sections for your visitors. If you want to change the style and colors on your site or you have redesigned your logo, customizing the header will do the job. The background of your site directly holds the theme together. You can customize your site’s background to include new and updated images or new brand colors.

4. Customize URL

Every WordPress site comes complete with a free address (.wordpress.com). However, to ensure that you stand out from the millions of WordPress users with wordpress.com on their URL, you can buy a domain name.

5. Customize Home Page

By default, the front page of your WordPress website will always display the latest posts from your blog. However, you can customize your site by creating a static home page much similar to a traditional site. If you have a blog on your site, you can have your site customized such that a separate elsewhere on the site displays your recent blog posts.

In my opinion, WordPress is a brilliant platform. It has lots of features, is relatively easy to use and to top it all off, it’s customization-friendly. If you have a WordPress website and want to change anything about it- and I do mean anything- we can help you.

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