Do You Want a ‘Face’ and a Smile too

Today branding is essential when you are a start-up business. It is even more essential when you have been in business long enough that the only thing you think about nearly all the time is your brand as a company and the number of customers you might be keeping or losing, either way the thought is so devastating. When your brand is clearly on the rocks it means things are not doing so well for you and your company. Many at times most companies shift to new brands or even merge with other new ones to re-invent themselves.

Branding is as important for your company as it is for anybody out there who is jostling hard to sell his or her product, and even service. This even includes pop-stars and sportsmen. A good brand means an outstanding relationship with your customers as a business and ‘fans’ as a ‘star’-you could probably ask about Madonna, or a once-popular, R-Kelly. We assume you had some love for these great a people but what can you say about them as of today? Well, good branding is best achieved when you understand what is expected of you by your customers in regards to a number of things like normal core societal values. A little bit of style and uniqueness is also a bonus you can borrow.

What are some of the brands in Kenya which make a top-five list? We would mention Safaricom, Royal Media services and the list would probably go on, of course it would. Basically you understand what our point is, don’t you? You have achieved a good brand when people trust in you, and well, when you can be seen and heard at any given time. You do not have to be an enormous unit to get your customers to mention you all the time but if they can at least get to use your products and services every day, then you my man are an achievement-story. Count on that any day.

To become a giant brand, you’ve got to be big on innovation, continually offer products and services that meet the needs of your subscribers. You also need to invest in visibility. Key drivers of your influence should be trust, a leading edge and presence. Try as much to roll out solutions that make the lives of your growing customers easier.

Branding is massively significant in business as it makes a memorable impression on customers. It also allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

Most people believe that creating a logo for their business or company is all there is in branding but developing on your logo is a part of this whole process. A logo is the ‘face’ of your business but the face does more than look stunning and cool. You might have to smile once or twice every three-minutes to ensure you leave an amazing impression in an interview or business meeting. Now that is branding. Having a brand identity does more than just leave memorable impressions. It makes your brand more authoritative in the market as well. Being authoritative builds your brand in regards to its credibility and trustworthiness.

Here are a few things you would try considering if you intend to achieve success for your brand:

Research on your audience and competitors

How could you possibly penetrate a market you barely understand? It is all out there; starting from your target market and possible challenges of competition from similar enterprises or companies. To come up with a stylish and impressive brand you have to research on the preferences of your customers and what their entire attitude is towards your product or service.

Understand that competitors are highly cunning and they do not sleep on the fact that you exist in the market as well. They are agile towards grabbing the attention of the same audience as you. Research on them and come up with better ways of painting your brand with better color than any competing firms, companies or businesses.

Design a logo

If you are poor in taste and often come up with horrible fashion tastes, boring furniture or even bad ideas during weekend hang-outs with your friends, then trust me, you couldn’t do better in choosing a beautiful logo for your business. However, there are countless people who can suggest nice logos for you and you can only develop on them. Get a nice logo for your product or service.

Integrate language you can use to connect, advertise, and embody on social media

Most of the times you would want to engage your audience on either social media platforms or adverts on television and mainstream media. Language brings people to understand each other. It is a basic tool in communication and when you relate to your audience at the language level then things become vibrant for your business. It is because you get to understand their needs better and this is entirely good for your brand. Create a language that best suits your ideal customer and your brand.

Know what to avoid and Monitor your brand (keep it in check)

Often we jump into trends thinking that everything that trends is good for our customer relationship. You at times have to ignore the internet and resolve to your own means. It is good for your business identity. You should as well maintain a reasonable value proposition. Avoid missing out on your value proposition. Similarly, do not limit yourself to the local market and ideas. Go an extra mile to invest on global ideas and innovations. All said and done, ensure you monitor your brand for any improvements or retrogression.

Branding your business is a hard tussle but it can be fun when you do everything the right way. As a company, Legibra has focused in ensuring most businesses do well with respect to their brands. It has enabled start-ups to find the necessary confidence to sell themselves to their target market. Also, Legibra has managed to monitor the success of their clients’ brands over time. That is why, “We are the best you can hire and get.”

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