Domains – Do you really need one?

Ever heard of Legibra? We make your business relevant not only in terms of the physical presence but also online presence.

Many of us have countless business ideas that can revolutionize the world. But most of us stick to the status quo which dictates that after getting a business idea the next logical step would be to come up with a comprehensive business plan then a good financial plan, business structure, business name and finally register the business. Before starting operations, one will acquire permits and licenses then immediately set up shop. For any aspiring entrepreneur, these are the normal steps to establishing a successful business, but this flow skips a vital part that can place your business on a higher pedestal.

What we forget here is that digitization has taken residence among us and we need to embrace it. We live in a world that relies on social media to make friends, E-mails to send letters, YouTube to become self-made gurus in different fields and Google to answer all our questions. Case and point, if a client wants to look for a certain service or good, their first instinct will be to search for it on the internet. Will they find you among the providers? Other than the physical presence, a business needs an online presence; without one the entrepreneur misses out on a vast potential market.

What is a domain?

The first step of making a business digitally relevant is to register a domain name. The word domain reminds us of the ancient kings who had regions where they exercised power, more like territories. In our world today, we use the same concept when one gets a domain, its similar to getting cyberspace. This virtual space is now fully under your control and no one else can claim it. To secure an online domain one needs to come up with a unique name and register it. If not one can buy an existing domain name from a domain market place or private seller. The uniqueness of the name is paramount so that whenever a client searches for you online the servers will point at you and no one else.

Importance of domain registration

Failing to register one’s domain name can be costly in the long run; the best example being the Nigeria airline domain drama. The country decided to launch the ‘Nigeria air’ but overlooked the important step of registering their domain and a private citizen beat them to it. The registrant ended up placing the domain names on sale for a much higher price than they would have acquired it at originally, which made them find themselves between a rock and a hard place. To avoid a similar or even worse situation, one would rather ensure their online presence is as secure as the physical before letting the cat out of the bag.

Types of TLDs

To have a fully qualified domain name, it should have a top-level domain (TLD). TLDs vary according to the type of institution and even the country the business is located. The TLD is the word or letters that come after the (.) dot. The TLDs range from .com which is for international companies, for Kenyan companies, for the Kenyan government, for schools (academy) and .me for personal domains. The list is endless depending on one’s preference, business type, location, and clientele geographical distribution.


After getting the right domain name the next step is getting a hosting plan which provides you with an interface upon which you are able to post your website and also gives you a variety of control features all based in one repository known as the cPanel. Ever been to a shop without shelves? It is like trying to make a phone call on a disconnected phone, which is practically impossible; that is why it is essential to have a hosting plan after registering one’s domain. To get your domain name registered and hosted at an affordable rate, Legibra Solutions has you covered.

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