what is a domain name?

What is a Domain Name? How Can It Help My Business?

You are probably at a point in your brand where you would like to create or strengthen your online presence. Not to worry though, with more and more businesses moving onlinet, it’s now easier to set-up shop than it was 5 years ago. You can now get your brand a domain name in a fast and easy way. But let’s back up a bit and explain what a domain name is, and how it can be beneficial to you and your brand.

What is a domain name?

Simply put, a domain name is more like an address where your brand’s users, buyers, and customers can find you email; think about your emails or website. A domain name can be anything from your brand’s name, your name, a name of your product and so on. To buy domain names has been made easy with time and demand. In fact, there are a myriad domain registration websites that you can get your domain in a matter of minutes.

Is it important for you or your brand to get a domain name? What benefits does a domain hold? If these are questions you’ve asked yourself, take a minute or two to see how beneficial a domain can be to you.

Benefits of a domain name to a business

1. Standing out

As you’re reading this, insurmountable amounts of content are being flooded onto the internet. Both generally and most likely in relation to your brand. If someone was looking for your brand, they will have to go through the clutter and false brands to get to you. But, if you have a domain, it makes it easier for your brand user to easily get to you. Therefore, you get to maximize on reaching your user, while saving time and cost.

2. Control

You could be starting out in the online platform, or you’re a start-up with the potential of growing into a huge brand. There are people constantly prowling the internet looking for potential domain names, buying them, and later selling them to you at a ridiculously higher price. Even worse off, you could have someone buy off your brands domain and use it to tarnish your good name. The only way to counter this is to get a domain name now. Just check what happened to ihub.com.

3. Brand identity.

There are countless words that when you see, you quickly associate them with a particular brand, sometimes it could even be a single letter or a number. That is the beauty of registering your domain, it helps you solidify your brand’s identity. In time, your users will begin to associate your domain name with your business. For example, Google is a website owned by a company called Alphabet. However, the domain Google.com is so popular few people know about Alphabet.


Pro tip: It’s always better to have the domain name as something short, easy to remember and memorable


4. Added credibility

Truth be told, when you’re thinking of trying a new product, service or brand, you most likely check to see if they have an online presence. Now a domain name is not entirely online presence by itself, but it’s a driving mechanism to getting a website and so on. When you’re a potential user looks up your brand, they’ll likely be more to trust you if you have a domain name –and concurrently a website.

5. Add-ons

When you register your domain name, you can easily create emails under the domain for various departments or branches for your brand. For example, instead of having one email for all your work, you could segment it into sales, marketing, user experience, support and so on. This not only eases the work, it also presents an organized brand.


It is evident that an online presence is the next frontier in doing business. Having a domain name is intricately sewn into that new frontier and the benefits more than explain why. Let your brand reap the best of the opportunities provided by this frontier.

Get a domain name for your business.

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