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Top 6 Examples of Best Online Sales Funnel

There are sales funnels in existence that yield millions of conversions. The following are some the best converting online sales funnels you need to get inspiration.


The beginning and the pivot of crazyegg’s is its blog. The blog provides detailed information on why the customer needs the products they offer. The blog is organized in the such a manner that direction is given for every step of the funnel in logically organized blogs each of which leads to the next. Such a strategy is likely to be effective owing to its simplicity and its straightforwardness. The effects of this system are such that the website has doubled conversions every year which has now lead to the consistent increase in revenues for the company.


The email messaging is one of the company’s best way to make repeat customers. One of the challenges in this model is the lack of communication concerning what the email is supposed to achieve after it is entered. As a result of this oversight, the customer is left guessing and this may put them off concerning the email service. Once the client has been offended by the lack of information, they are likely to refuse even the services offered through email.

iii. Grasshopper

This funnel brings rakes in over $60 million per year. The funnel is has a page known as ‘How it works & Features.’ This page gives a detailed description of how the website works. It also features some of the success stories. Once a potential client has understood how they receive the service, they are more likely to place orders for the communication plans offered on the website.

iv. Mixergy

This website gives visitors information on the thoughts of major entrepreneurs in the form of courses and interviews. The very beginning of the of the website is a call to action asking visitors to give their email addresses with the promise given that they will receive interviews and courses in return. Once the email has been received, and the visitor is allowed to access courses and meetings, they are then required to pay for the rest of the content. The website has a problem due to the small number of credit card fields. Increasing the areas is likely to make the website gross more.

v. Harvest

Harvest has well-crafted calls to action right from its home page. It gets leads by offering a 30-day free trial period and also through compelling testimonials from previous customers. When the free trial ends, the client is encouraged to subscribe. Subscription is easy when someone who has already enjoyed the product and is accustomed to it. The website is active on social credentials which allow visitors to move down the funnel.


Helpscout is a company that develops customer support tools for businesses. Their funnel is catchy because at the home page it has cute animations that reel visitors in to find out more. The website is simple, and it is easy to read. Over and above this the site also has a considerable amount of social proof. The beauty of the site and clarity of the message is the reason why this site is successful. 


The approaches used in sales funnels are diverse. The use of blogs and emails are just two of the many available options. It is also possible to build a funnel with the social media as the pivot and the guide at landing.

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