Frustrations With A Web Hosting Service Provider

“Hello, why have you guys hacked us? Why would your company do this to us? This is really not professional from you guys!!”

This was the first call that welcomed Mathew, a Managed Cloud Computing Executive at Legibra to the office. Sitting at his desk, he tried to organize his train of thoughts but it was still cloudy.

Hacking? He thought to himself. Why would guys that built you a website come round again to hack you?

“I think we should have a meeting with you guys because who does that? Why would you do this to us?” The caller continued to stream their frustrations into Mathew’s ears and him being a good guy as he likes to call himself, sat pensively at his desk listening. The phone glued to his ears but no words coming out of his mouth.

Like a priest during confession time he let the caller speak, the only difference between him and the priest is that a priest says your sins are forgiven after the confession but in Mathew’s case he and the company were the ones supposedly in need of forgiveness.

“I am really sorry that you are experiencing difficulties while trying to access the website but we have not hacked your website.”

“No! If that is not the case then why would we struggle with accessing it? I think we need to set up a meeting between us and your Chief Executive Officer so as to know why exactly this is happening. We will by your offices at around 10 a.m.”

The call got dropped leaving a ring in Mathew’s ears like the way an ambulance wheezes past you and you get left behind with the sound of its siren disturbing the silence that was there before.

He exhaled and shook his head, what a way to start off the day? He thought to himself. He was confused whether to fix himself a hot cup of coffee as was his norm or not since the allegations leveled against them stung like ‘alikuwa amepigwa kofi’ on his cheeks. You know like those ‘tu’ hot slaps that came in quick and fast, with your tormentor not giving you an opportunity to duck.

As he replayed the conversation he just had with the client or should I say the monologue he had heard but no, you know better the saying “the customer is always right seemed like a farce.” However, he did a check on the website and readied himself for the meeting at 10.

10 o’clock seemed to take forever to reach but it did eventually. After the niceties the clients sat in the boardroom and still like they did on the call with Mathew poured out their frustrations and why they were convinced that it was Legibra that had hacked their website.

“Once more I’d like to apologize for the challenges that your website is facing right now,” said Mathew “but that is not our doing rather it is the fault of your hosting company.”

Their hosting company is that famous one, I am sure you also know it. They have a promise of being with you all the time but in the case of this particular client their promise to them did not hold.

“I did a check on the website and it seems that your hosting company’s C-panel has been infected with a virus,” he continued.

At least the hard stares on their faces eased up a bit and the remorseful-like faces were trying to come to the fore.

“Fixing it won’t take that long but only if you move your C-panels to us so that we can be the ones hosting the website for you and rid you of such annoying moments” Mathew continued.

“So you mean to say that we were not hacked and that you guys did not hack us? Unajua nyinyi watu wa IT kuwaamini ni ngumu saa zingine?” said one of the clients at the meeting.

“Haha…No we did not and we would never do that to our clients. At Legibra, our aim is to build long-term relationships’ with our clients and such gimmicks are not part of who we are.” said Mathew.

“Alright then, we apologize for the wrong assumptions we had made and if that’s the case we’ll move the C-panels to you so that you guys can sort it out.”

With that the meeting came to an end and the clients taking the advice of Legibra, transferred their C-panels to Legibra and got to enjoy the great website that Legibra had made for them.

At Legibra we stay true to our promise ‘Hire the BEST get the BEST’. As your hosting solutions provider you are assured of a round the clock support and defined processes that will save you from the endless frustrations from your hosting service provider, web designer or web developer.

Save yourself from the above frustrations by coming to Legibra and the same assurance that we give our clients we extend to you; ‘tutakuwa na wewe kila wakati.’ Make that smart move and be part of the winning team.

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