Let’s Talk About Exes (X’s)

So how many exes do you have?

Yes, I am asking about you and please do not be shy all of us do have some. But I am pretty sure you would like to keep it to yourself although the sky might have changed clouds when you thought about it.

But no, I am not asking about those other exes but about the exes you got throughout the topic of algebra. The exes that clouded your paper once the assignment was returned back to you, clouding your vision to only see red.

Yes Algebra, the topic that makes up Mathematics but if you were good in it you might think of tutoring Pastor Ngang’a on the side if he is still in need of someone good at “mazematics” (sic). So back to Mathematics a subject taught by the overzealous teachers whose sole purpose was perhaps to embarrass you but I do not think so or do you?

Up to this date I am amazed at how the lessons came after your lunch-break, just right after you were from an intense meeting whose special meal was a mix of maize and beans and an unending flow of some liquid to which for lack of a better word you will permit to call it soup but I’m sure the greatest sous chef must be squirming wherever they might be.

I have said unending for it is reminiscent of the story once told of how the Christian Messiah came to the rescue of some wedding in the city of Galilee by changing water to unending flow of wine much to the glee of the thirsty throats that were present then.

So yes and then after such a sumptuous meal which in some cases if you were lucky came with weevils as the side dish, someone decides to bless you with a double lesson on Algebra. Algebra? Just right after you have allegedly had proteins to last you your life time. The one question that you and Algebra both share is ‘why’ although they share the same pronunciation but they sure do look different when written down.

Algebra’s quest is to find Y while yours asking why “Why” do you have to go through such torture? Why would you care about how Y ended up at the end of X.? Yet it is clear from the alphabet that it does come after X to make the melody sound more palatable to your ears and easily retainable to a kids mind.

But in the midst of all this chaos we are LEGIBRA. Yeah sure we sound the same like your nightmare Algebra but no we do not share the same qualities.

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When you think of us clouds will not change like they did when I asked you about your exes… Rather you will smile knowing that your website is up and running, responsive to your clients and your organization is able to send and receive emails since you are hosted on a dedicated server by us your dedicated service providers.

With tailor-made solutions our team and you are able to create a unique solution depending on what your needs are. Do not look like the rest, come to us and let the rest want to look like you. Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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