Blame your board for cyber security leaks

My Website Has Been Hacked, Who Do I Blame?

By now, you already know that no one is safe from hackers, even Google. Yet, the majority of businesses in Kenya do not have cyber security management strategies in place to mitigate and manage cyber risks. It’s for this reason that we invited cyber security specialists at Legibra to share tips, strategies and cyber security best practices.


In the discussion, Fernando Wangila, head of ICT at NTSA, emphasizes on the role of the board in preventing cyber attacks. “If I woke up and found my website has been hacked, I would blame my board for failing to mitigate the risk. Afterall, the board owns the company strategy and has the financial muscle.” Said Mr. Wangila.


Inside-Out Facing Cyber Security

Mr. Fernando explained that most businesses focus on preventing cyber attacks from outsiders forgetting that current employees could soon be a threat when they switch to another job or quit all together. He therefore advises businesses to consider an inside-out facing strategy where there are clear procedures to eliminate risks from within.

“You are thinking the bad guy is outside, but soon, the inside guy will be the guy outside there and he will be a bigger threat to your cyber security.” – Fernando Wangila| Head of ICT, NTSA

Cyber Security Starts with The Board

Keeping in mind that hackers are always devising new ways to hack your systems, it’s best to build your business strategy with cyber security in mind the same way you think about legal issues. Better yet, consider having a cyber security professional in your board to advise on best strategies to improve your cyber security.

In addition to partnering  with cyber security experts, your business should also train new employees on preventive cyber security measures to ensure there are no loop holes in your strategy. Remember, your cyber security plan will only be as strong as your weakest link.

Watch and share the full discussion with Teddy Njoroge, Manager at ESET and Francis Waithaka, CEO at Digital for Africa.




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