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Online Ads Getting Blocked? Here’s How to Fix Them

As more companies join the digital marketing bandwagon in a bid to increase sales and customer reach, consumers are adopting ways to block these advertisements. In fact, reports claim that up to 16% of smartphone users have blocked online ads, particularly on social media platforms. In this read, you will learn of various ways to ensure your online ads are effective and reduce your chances of getting blocked.

How To Prevent Your Online Ads from Getting Blocked

  1. Use Standard Sizes

Most of the website ads are posted on specific websites. These websites normally have set sizes that they use for their banners. According to Google, adverts that are wider are preferred by the target individuals than taller banners. This is because wider adverts are easy to read. The reason for the ease of this ease of reading of the wider banners is because most people read from left to right.

The following are some of the standard sizes that a designer may use in pixels.

– 320 x 100 – These are for mobile devices

– 300 x 600 – Half page

– 728 x 90 – this is known as leaderboards which are usually located at the top or at the bottom of a website

– 300 x 250 this banner is usually embedded in the text that is in the website

2. Create a Clear Message

A web advert should achieve three aims. These include branding, message and a call to action. The information on the banner should be clear enough to prevent the reader from straining while reading the advert. Concerning branding, it can be done using company colors where the company colors are well known. The alternative is to use the company logo; the logo does not have to occupy a lot of space but it should be readable. The message on the product being advertised should be presented in no more than ten words. The designer should also have a call to action encouraging visitors to click on the advert. This may be a request to fill a form or enter a coupon number. The call to action should not be in many words either.


3. The Banner Should Contain a Single Message

Banner adverts can be animated in such a way as to make them show different parts of themselves. Sometimes a designer may be tempted to include more than one advert in the message. If this is done, the banner is likely to cause a lot of confusion. The best approach to these banners is to have them hold one message thus avoiding confusion.

4. Include a Call To Action Button

One of the best ways of ensuring that clients actually click on the banner is showing them exactly what you want them to do and where they are expected to click. This removes ambiguity as some of the web users are not experienced enough to be sure of where to click. If a button is not included, there should be directions on the banner informing the user to click on the banner so as to move on.


A web ad provides users with information about products. This means that even if the customers do not buy directly through the ad, they still get the relevant information. Last but not least, remember; simplicity is the key to making web ads work.


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