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Picture this you are on a highway, the few that our country Kenya can boast of, the tyres of your car firmly rolling over the black tarmac if it is not full of pot-holes and your windows rolled down and the wind blowing through your hair with the golden rays of the sun set massaging your face.

Your car engine rev syncing on to the beats of your music and as you negotiate the bumps and corners your hands slowly shifting the gears and I’m pretty sure there is nothing that comes close to the smooth glide of gears over a stick shift.

However, picture this also. You are in your car driving but behind you smoke billows from your exhaust pipe. This is evidence to why the other cars are overtaking you as you struggle with your car’s speed. All the while you are wondering whether the “Mbele iko sawa” advert was specifically tailored for you and your car. You struggle with shifting your gears and if you have passengers with you they spend the entire journey hitting on imaginary brake pedals under their seats.

The answer to the problems that your car faces is simply that it needs to be maintained, taken to the loving arms of your mechanic. Your mechanic who will go under it, on top of it or in it just to make sure that it is okay and you experience its full potential.

However this article is not about cars rather it is about your website. Yes, that site that you got to take your business on to the next level, to get that professional look, to attract new clients and make forays into new markets.

Just like the car, your website too needs some tender love and care by ensuring that it is regularly maintained so that you are able to get its full potential.

Here are some few reasons why you need to have your website maintained:

  • Saves time and money. 

Time across the globe is equated to a money-making opportunity. So whenever your website goes down, the time it will be down translates to money lost, money that you otherwise would not have lost. To get it back up means that you have to now spend money as opposed to making money. So rather than doing that, make the informed choice and have your website regularly maintained.

  • You are less likely to get hacked.

Websites that are not maintained are at a higher risk of getting hacked. This is because they could be using outdated coding and modules that are less secure, thus leaving them vulnerable to attack. Getting an SSL is one way of protecting your website  however; maintaining your website regularly is an alternative method because it means that your site is relying on the most up-to-date technologies.

  • Maintains your company’s professionalism.

Dead pages, broken links, site errors and outdated information ruins the level of professionalism that your business/ organization has. Routine maintenance fixes these errors before your visitors encounter them, saving you from disappointing your visitors or having a bad impression.

  • It improves your website’s rankings on search engine (SEO).

This is where your website ranks amongst other websites in the search engines. Websites that have old content rank lower in search engines compared to ones with updated content. Search engines, including Google, check your pages to find out “if-modified-since” HTTP header to determine whether it is worth crawling. Regular website maintenance ensures that your website ranks among the top ones on Google search, Bing search or any other search engine.

  • A well maintained website retains the interest levels of your site visitors.

We are all guilty of wanting fresh and interesting things in life and so do visitors to your website. Regular updates to your site ensure that your site always remains interesting and relevant. This is crucial in retaining your existing clients and attracting new customers.

  • Maintain your site loading speed. 

Impatience is synonymous to almost all human beings and if a website takes time to load, the customers get frustrated and leave. The more content you add on to your website the “heavier” it becomes and this might affect the loading speed. However, regular maintenance of your website provides performance improvements that make your website more efficient. This will result in faster load times for your site and an improved user experience.

Basically these are some of the few reasons you should show your website the much-needed attention it deserves. However, if your website is guilty of some of the listed problems above, please reach out to us at [email protected] we are the best on matters websites.

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