Tips on how to choose a good domain name for your website.

An easy, short and memorable name.

Choose a unique and creative name. A unique name can easily be remembered by even someone who comes across it for the first time. Disadvantages of using a generic name is that its easier to forget as well as can lead to confusion due to high number of similarities in the search engine.

Ways to come up with a domain name:

Merging or mashing words together. For example Flickr where a word and letters are merged to come up with the name Flickr.

Including Prefix and Suffix to a word. Prefix are added at the beginning of a word to create a new word with a different meaning for instance technuggets and Suffix are added at the end of a word for instance sued.

Joining two words together. For example stealthhides. In this case short, precise words work better.

Choose a short domain name.

Short words are easier to remember. The less the number of characters the better for the domain name. The average number of characters done for the top 100 websites is 9.

Choose a simple name

A simple domain name is:

  • Easy to type.
  • Easy to pronounce and say.
  • Easy to remember later on.
  • Easy to spell.
  • Does not lead to confusion by similarity with other domain names.

Make sure the name is not trademarked.

This ensures you do not violate someone’s trademark which can lead to legal actions against you while unware. You can search for trademarks at





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