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Boring Website? How to Make Your Website More Interesting

There is a lot of focus on the content of the website. While this is important, one critical factor has received too little attention; making the website interesting. There often is an overlap between content and how interesting the website is. The following are some ways  you can make a boring website more interesting.

But before we check out the different ways to make your website more interesting, how can you tell that your websit is boring?

Signs your Website is Boring

  • High Bounce Rate

If you are using Google analytics to capture data about your website and its visitors, checking the bounce rate can help determine how long visitors are spending on your site.  A high bounce rate serves as an indicator that your site is not living up to your visitors expectations.

  • Low Traffic Flow

If I land on your site only to find web copies that read like a Russian novel or a template design from the 90’s, chances are I will never come back to your site let alone buy your products. Pretty soon, you won’t have anyone coming to your site.

  • Low Rate of Returning Visitors

Again, if you are using Google analytics  to track and measure activities in your website, a low rate of returning visitors, could serve as an indicator that you did not make a great first impression.

How To Make your Boring Website Interesting

  1. Spice up the pages that are typically boring

There are certain pages on websites that are usually considered impossible to make interesting. A good example of such pages is the ‘Team page’. Usually these pages are just an enumeration of qualifications and projects undertaken by the people listed. Such pages do not encourage people to read unless they absolutely have to. Other pages that fall under this category include Privacy Policy Pages and 404 pages, About Us pages, Contact pages.

To make such pages interesting, consider  using animations like this website, CallCriteria.  Also instead of just listing out projects and qualifications, consider telling stories. Your visitors are more likely to read your staff’s stories and remember them compared to a list of certificates and projects.

2. Customize footers

Many times, footers get dismissed by website visitors. Usually, those who scan through a webpage do not even know that the footers exist. The footers usually contain important information such as privacy and licenses.

To create interest in the footnotes, the web designer should strive to make them interesting or rewarding. Sometimes the footnotes can be made to include information on special offers. If there are no offers to be made, the footnote could include fun activities such as games that open after the footnotes have been read.

3. Interesting Products

To draw attention of website visitors, a strategy of having products that may be considered excessive or even fake products may be used. The WTF products may be a product that people have been hoping for but no one had managed to develop. Such a product may also be something that people did not even know they needed. Hyping such a product on the website and explaining its utility generates interest in the website.


A good example is Moses Kemibaro’s website. For April Fool’s day, the website announced that Dotsavvy- a digital marketing agency, had invented the first solar-powered smartphone in the world. The news attracted a lot of visitors to the site and social media accounts. I doubt any of the visitors will forget the website anytime soon especially when they realize Juasimu was all a joke.

4. Make the website controversial

Controversy that plays on popular theories about a status is a good way of ensuring that the product remains at the center of public debate. It may be a controversy on an issue that is not related to the product itself but would still draw attention to the website and hence to the products thereof.

A good example of this is Kogan, an Australian electronics seller online. Their website announced that they would be charging a tax on their customers who used Internet Explorer to access their website. This played to the popular believe that internet explorer is slow which has also made the browser the butt of many jokes. As a result of the tax’ announcement, the website got thousands of tweets and retweets.

5. Be unconventional

Websites that go against the grain usually become more linkworthy. These are websites that disregard established norms in advertising and appearance. Normally online clothing traders use models with flawless skins and perfect figures. To appear unconventional, they can have models who do not exactly fit the traditional mold for models. Such models would obviously need to have the right body shape for the clothes but they could be having tattoos or piercings that are not usually found in models. The models could also be ordinary men or women who would create confidence that the products are also meant for them. When the majority of people see themselves in the models, they become more invested in the product. A good example is Osborne Macharia’s website. 


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