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It surprises us that today there are fewer complains about computers breaking down. There are no more frustrations because hardware technology must have improved. Or perhaps not. Either way, the point is there are low cases of people having to wait in queues for services from different service providers. Even with money, a quick exchange can happen from the comfort of our homes. Life has become fast-paced.

Like in the 90s, we are still human. We are just buffered by technological advancement. People from those past years could use the help of a newspaper publisher to get their products and services advertised. In this era, pretty much anyone can push for awareness of their brands through social media.

Are we on the same page here? You know, when you’ve decided you want to put up a resort at Kilifi, or even a book store or a deli in the CBD; You don’t have to press the mainstream media to run an Ad for you during their commercial breaks. You don’t even have to pay huge amounts of cash for it. It still works though. We can’t downplay the fact that the mainstream media reaches a larger audience.

Look at it this way. You are a start-up business. The mainstream is overly cumbersome to go through with considering the long procedures and resources involved. We know, right? It’s because of this tussle that communication becomes better by day. Even the Mainstream seems to be taking the social media thing quite seriously. They have made websites for themselves, and they are on an entirely perfect level of digital media use.

The core reason why start-ups don’t require as much capital to establish like in the old days is because you don’t have to budget a massive chunk of your starting capital for the creation of brand awareness. You could simply direct all that focus on developing a website. Some websites even attract international customers. Just some. But if you are looking to make your business boom in your local area, you might as well figure out that a website is essential.

We’ve talked about an era where everything has shifted to the digital concept. You must have heard that Rwanda made its first-ever smartphone; just a couple of months ago. Now imagine where you’d be left if tech grew at even a faster rate. Wake me up from sleep if I’m dreaming!
We see Africa growing, not only growing in terms of population but resource exploitation as well. Without the relevant technologies at hand, we’d still be arrested in an entirely slow movement concerning resource exploitation.

It amazes us that even farmers have liaised with business people, including retailers and wholesalers. Some have gone a notch higher to create websites from where their target market can learn about their products, and even buy them from about just the comfort of their homes. What they have to do is wake up, make sure they don’t run out of stock and transact with their customers. They might look for one or two people to write about their businesses on the website blogs. That is not so much to do. You just pay them for their work. You can still manage it on your own.

Basically, it is important to create a website for your start-up business. If you have been in business for a while, you also need to beef up the prospects of attracting a larger market. You do not have to worry because Legibra as a company is here to offer these services at affordable prices. We could create an awesome website for you. Among other things we could help you with are; domain hosting, G-suite, printing, and branding. All these services will help boost your business in a myriad number of ways so do not wait up until it’s late. Move with the wave, because it’s moving North.

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