WordPress Trends To Watch out for in 2017

The internet is changing, and so are the products that help drive it. In 2016, we saw new WordPress features like the one-page themes and hamburger menus taking over the market while outdated features like sliders and sidebars took a backseat. WordPress always gets better every year with incredible new features and functionalities. In this post, we take a look at WordPress trends for 2017 and what you should know when customizing your WordPress website.

Top 5 WordPress Trends 2017

twenty seventeen theme

twenty seventeen theme

  1. Video Headers

One of the most popular WordPress trends for 2016 has been the use of videos headers that play in the background. This trend is expected to continue and become even more popular in WordPress themes. Adding to the fact that internet connection speeds are increasing, it means that we’ll be seeing more video headers in 2017.


2. Increased Demand for Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Everyone wants to get more use out of the things they buy. The same applies in the WordPress theme world where business owners and developers want an easily customizable template. Naturally, this will make WordPress theme templates like Genesis more popular.

3. HTTPS and Encryption for WordPress

Google wants everything on the web to travel over a secure channel, reason why in the near future your Chrome website will red-flag any un-secure website. In 2017, HTTPS will become compulsory for every website including WordPress websites. It is important to know that switching from HTTP to HTTPS is no easy task, so if you plan to build a new WordPress website in 2017, ensure that it is encrypted.

4. The Rise of Mobile-First WordPress Themes

Wordpress trends 2017

According to the latest statistics, mobile devices now hold 51.26% of the market share while desktop devices have fallen to 48.74%. This officially makes mobile phones the most devices to browse the internet. With this in mind, expect to see more mobile-first WordPress themes.

5. VR Optimized WordPress Themes

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Gear VR and Oculus Rift are not limited to gaming. VR is actually the future of entertainment and it could possibly be the device that we use to browse the internet in the future. Trust me, the future is closer than you think. In fact, Samsung recently released a web browser that’s optimized for Gear VR for browsing the internet. With the increasing popularity of VR expect to see VR optimized WordPress themes in 2017.

The one thing about web development and design is that it exists in a constant state of evolution. With more than 76 million websites and over 59% CMS market share, WordPress is not going anywhere but up the ladder and you can expect fascinating WordPress trends in 2017.

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