In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo!
We make beautifully designed products that are user friendly, responsive and easy to deploy.


Who we are

Legibra is a creative studio dedicated to design, development, branding,
printing and outsourcing of infrastructure. We are headquartered in Nairobi – Kenya since 2009 where we have been creating intuitive solutions for businesses across the globe and from a diverse range of sectors.

We redefine the Ease of doing business.

Our flexible and self-motivated specialist teams passionately will build processes tailor-made to your project’s needs.


With over 10 years of industry experience,our products and
services are unrivaled.


  • Knowledge

    We have cutting edge knowledge of technological changes and their business implications.
  • en vogue

    We apply latest technologies, continually enhance technical expertise and endeavor to apply transferable skill sets.
  • Analysis

    We analyze and stealthily scrutinize environments to identify and prioritize needs/ risks and develop solutions.
  • Leverage

    We leverage the technology of brands helping them to express and connect with their constituents.
  • Passion

    We have a deeply infused passion for technology.
  • Support

    We provide helpful and timely support after hours.
  • Teamwork

    We encourage involvement, openness and honesty in all our client’s project.

Are you planning a project you'd like to discuss or are interested in working with us?