It has been suggested that the way tickets or invitations look might very well play a part in whether or not a person buys them. Attractive printing products always grab attention, which bodes well for a company, and this is particularly the case with business publications and business cards, whereas self-printed cards can often look cheap and unprofessional, and make people wonder about the quality of the products and services they will receive from the company

Being a professional printing company we advise on every aspect of the flyers, including design, type face, illustrations, colour of type, and type of paper best used, and even the colour of the paper. We are market leaders in delivering digital and screen printing solutions using the latest printing technology, blended with remarkable and experienced work force that meet the needs of our loyal and growing customer base.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Stationary– Corporate stationary, Computer stationary, Stationary Management.
  • Publications: Annual reports, Educative literature, Newsletters, Magazines
  • Packaging: Labels, Inner packaging, Boxes
  • Marketing: Business cards, Calendars, Posters, Leaflets & Brochures, Company Profiles, Banners, Point of Sale Material
  • Promotional Materials: T-shirts, Caps, Mugs, Pens, Rulers, Mouse Pads, Umbrellas, Gift Bags, Clocks, Water Bottles, Personalised Gifts, Diaries.


Did you know that the SUPER MANS SYMBOL is the second most recognized symbol after the CROSS in the world? Search shows that consumers have a more favorable approach to brands that reach us through all senses. It is no surprise that companies that master the art of aesthetics are on the top of their game-Apple, Nike, Coca cola, IKEA- design is what defines them and gives their competitive edge!

Brands are psychology and science brought together as a promise mark as opposed to a trademark. Products have life cycles. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands are valuable to any viable business.

At Legibra, we have the right mechanism, competence and skill to actualize your ideas to life. Based on the information provided by the client, we embark on a creative process to produce a visual communication that can convey a message to the target audience or the market targeted. The most common type print design finished products are, brochures, outdoor banner, vinyl wrap, business cards, flyers, product labels and packaging!

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