From the onset Legibra Web Hosting plans don't limit your websites storage and bandwidth. In the event that your website or application demands more resources we scale up at no extra cost on your end.

In this century, a business/enterprise/brand more or less runs online therefore it is non-negotiable that your website, emails, processes, applications and other online resources are available 24/7 365days an year.

Legibra Hosting offers fast, secure and reliable services that are resource scalable as and when required. This is because we understand that a fast responsive website = happy visitors.

We offer performance based dedicated servers (DS), full root access virtual private servers (VPS) and guaranteed resources and shared hosting platform.

The above categories come with:-

  • 24/7 phone or online support
  • *99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • *Money back guarantee
  • Scalable resources on demand

Our hosting service is integrated with industry standard cPanel and other control panels thus allowing our clients to maintain autonomy.

It doesn’t matter if you have been offered an Unlimited hosting package. The underlying factor is how much bandwidth you have got and how scalable it is not forgetting the reliability track record of your service provider.



Do you want to go online with a team of dedicated partners with powerful tools and rock-solid security?