Why Template Websites Don’t Suit You

Normally, when hackers access your website, It kind of feels like a hammer hit across your computer.

Buying templates online for your web designing can be tempting. These online templates are readily available. Thereby, making the design process easier for most web designers. As opposed to custom-built websites, it is cheaper to get templates online which have been worked on already.

However, most templates online are now being manipulated by hackers which should give them an easy access to your website. There are companies which have had their websites being intruded by unwarranted users due to the failure of ensuring they go through suitable procedures during their web development.

Instances like these give hackers a hedge against your website security. It is also important to know that, hackers may manipulate your website so that the URL directs users to wrong locations. These locations may be the work of hackers who intend on using your website as a host platform for their users therefore sending exclusively wrong information.

Why you should avoid Template websites

Often times people may enjoy writing malicious codes. It becomes easy for them to hack your websites if it is a template website.

Expert developers may customize a template using plug-ins. A plug-in is a code like functionality that improves WordPress security. Although, for most developers who might not know how exactly these functionalities work, the problem may become worse. It in turn makes your site more vulnerable to hackers.

Why we offer custom-built website

No limitation on graphics and functionality: Custom-built websites give room for creation. It unravels your full potential of imagination. What you can imagine, you can create.

Changes can easily be made: In the process of your growth you might want to do little changes to your site. Custom-built websites allow you to make these changes without necessarily starting from scratch.

Offer e-commerce privilege: Template websites present as inadequate if you intend on creating an online store. While custom built websites offer a wide range of effectiveness, they also allow you to easily put up an online store with as much items as you require.


A website can be a very useful tool when done properly. Websites which are done incorrectly often times work against you. They don’t give you what it is that you want, which can be a headache if you ask us. Choose the best developers and let your site grow with you.

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