(“Non nobis solum nati sumus.”)

In these moments when help is needed from the most divine places, places where most of us are so uncertain about, places where some of us never believed existed, what we could at least do, is help the much we can. We quite remember how the United states took the Coronavirus a little for granted. At least the president reassured his voters, and citizens of course that the virus would one day disappear . Just like that! It wasn’t so bad coming from a leader, a leader of the states. We all need hope at some point, don’t we?

What we are doing as a third world country is all that matters right now.

We’ve seen the numbers rise, we’ve seen victims die too. What we are trying to do as Africa is contain the spread in these early stages. That’s exactly how Africa is going about a deadly pandemic. It too, is not a bad way of getting by. At least we’ve seen the virus ravage people in Europe and now the US. We don’t really know about the Scandinavian countries like Finland but there is no telling.

What we can mostly do as a country is follow government directives. They might also be a little taken aback by an emergence of a totally new pandemic but we believe they have the best of our interest at heart.

Actually, The Nation Business Compact Kenya is a collaboration for urgent local action, and global best practice sharing to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. It was a coalition that was officially launched in Nairobi on march, 16, 2020. What we love about such a coalition is its urge to come out and accelerate local action, thereby supporting government efforts to counteract the Coronavirus pandemic.

Among these local actions are the facilitation of campaigns towards handwashing and sanitizing as preventive measures in curbing the spread of the virus. We’ve seen a helping hand from organizations like, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI), Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) and the AMREF health Africa. They have shown huge cooperation in ensuring the Umbrella organization make these goals a reality.

What we would say about The National Business Compact Kenya is that it is out to ensure that the initiative is in the spirit of the sustainable development goals agenda. We are in dire times of uncertainty and we desperately need to come together to foster the SDG Agenda.

As a company, We has taken a bold step to offer necessary aid to the organization in regards to broadening the specs of an achievement towards combating the spread of the COVID19. With enough help from other organizations we look forward to transforming these goals into reality. Thereby we’d ensure that during this time of a huge pandemic, which has affected the entire globe in general, that the economy of our country and other in Africa are not entirely hindered, something that most countries fear might happen, if things don’t play as soon.

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