Tired of Spam Emails? Easy Steps To Manage Spam Emails in Your cPanel

Tired of Spam Emails? Easy Steps To Manage Spam Emails in Your cPanel

Did you know that over 90% of emails received daily are spam? Spam emails are unwanted contents that are sent to your email address. Spam emails can be in form of text, image or video. Do you get spam emails? Do they infuriate you? Fortunately, this article explains the steps and tools your can use to rid your inbox of spam. After reading this article you should be able to;

  • Identify spam emails
  • Understand the risk spam emails pose 
  • Block spam emails using Apache SpamAssassin
  • Filter spam emails using Global email filters


How to identify spam emails

  1. When you do not know the sender.
  2. When the email has misspelled words.
  3. Spammers make an offer that seems to be too good to be true.
  4. Spam emails have an attachment with .exe files.
  5. Spam emails contain a virus warning.
  6. The subject of the email does not match with the content.

Risk of spam emails

  1. They contain virus and spyware.
  2. Can contain offensive words or images.
  3. Fill up your inbox space.

How to block unwanted emails

There are two ways we can block spam emails in cPanel.

  1. Apache SpamAssassin ™
  2. Global email filters.

Apache SpamAssassin is an automatic system that uses various techniques to identify and filter spam emails. For more information click here

7 Easy Steps to configure Apache SpamAssassin

1.log in to cPanel.

2. Scroll down to email section and select Apache SpamAssassin ™.

3. Click on enable Apache SpamAssassin ™.

4. Set the number of hits you require before an email is marked as spam. By default, the score is 5. The system will automatically delete email marked as spam.

5. Click on Auto-Delete Spam

6. Enable spam box to send an email marked as spam to be delivered to the spam folder.

7. Click on configure Apache SpamAssassin ™ to blacklist an email account.

4 Brief Steps to Filter Spam Emails using Global Email Filters

1. Log in to your cPanel.

2. Scroll down to Email section and select Global email filters

3. Click on  Create a new filter.

4. Type in the filter name that you desire, in rule section select, From and Equals then enter the email address that you want to filter. On action section, select  Discard message and click on create.

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