How to install WordPress manually in cPanel

1.The first step is to download the latest version of WordPress Download here 

2. Locate the file you have downloaded and extract wp-config-sample.php.

3. Copy and paste this file then rename it to wp-config.php. We will use this file later. This file is so important because it connects the WordPress to the database.

4. Log in to your cPanel.

5. Click on file manager.

6. On this page, choose public_html.

7. On the menu bar, choose Upload.

8. Click on select file to locate WordPress file you downloaded in step 1

9.Choose the file and click on open.

10 . Wait for the file to be uploaded.

11. Once the upload is complete, click on Go back.

12. Locate WordPress zipped file and right click on it then click on extract to decompress the files.

13. Click on extract file(s) and wait for the extraction process to complete, then click on close.

14. Delete zipped file because we will not need it.

15. Open WordPress folder and choose select all to select all files, right click then click on move.

16. Move the files to public_html by removing WordPress, then click on move file(s)

17. Go back home and locate Database category and choose MySQL Database option.

18. In this page, we are going to create a database. Type in your database name you want to create, then click on create.

19. Add user to your database by typing in username and password.

Note: Remember to copy and save your database name, database user, and password because we will need these details later.

20. Click on add to add a user to the database and add privileges to the user by selecting all privileges then click on make changes.

21. Click on upload to upload wp-config.php. Refer to step 7- 11.

22. Locate the wp-config.php file, right click on it then choose edit to edit database information.

23. Go to your web browser and type your domain name.

24. Then click on continue to install WordPress.

25. Fill in the details, then click on install WordPress.

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