How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn Marketing

Just a few years ago, most business marketers thought of LinkedIn as a place for online resumes and prospecting future hires. However, today, with nearly 350 million users, LinkedIn marketing has become a reliable method for B2B companies to engage with prospects and generate leads.
We know we write for people who like proven facts and statistics and therefore we have some few statistics to back our claims that LinkedIn is the best social media platform for lead generation:

LinkedIn Marketing Statistics

% of marketers using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

% of marketers using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

2 million+ Unique publishers using the LinkedIn share button to send content to the LinkedIn platform.
• 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.
• 80% of LinkedIn members want to get in touch with businesses.
• 94% of B2B Marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.
80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.
• 150%- The increase in leads B2B marketers are generating on LinkedIn since 2010.

Still, the specific way in which LinkedIn is used totally depends on your company, industry and product mix.

What You Should Know About LinkedIn Marketing

  1. Ensure your executive LinkedIn profiles are filled out and optimized. It should contain all the information about the business.
  2. Make sure your Company Page is robust because a whole lot depends on the page itself. At Legibra, we post content on our company page daily to boost engagement, brand awareness and improve the number of followers.
  3.  Curate useful news as status updates, or your blog posts and on the Company Page about your business.
  4. Consider using LinkedIn as a follow up after meeting people especially at offline events where you exchange business cards
  5. Join LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are platforms for connecting and starting relevant discussions.
  6. Post thought-provoking content. Post content that’ll make other think. And also feel interesting.

As a B2B company, you need to create a company page on LinkedIn, then post there every day – useful links back to your content; articles in other publications that help reinforce the problem you’re trying to solve; and of course, job opportunities.

At Legibra, we like the Sponsored Posts feature; it’s expensive, but if you have a piece of content you want people to download or view, you can target your audience by industry, country, job title and so on until it’s only being displayed in the feeds of the people whom you want to see it. You only pay when someone clicks on the sponsored post, so make sure it’s good content that leads to conversions.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has launched new services and applications meaning that it (LinkedIn) is even a better B2B tool now. With the introduction of items like LinkedIn Company Pages and Linkedin Showcase Pages plus the LinkedIn Groups mobile app, the ability to create engaging B2B marketing opportunities is now at another level. Don’t miss out.

Do you need any help with your LinkedIn Marketing? Call us today and we’ll help you out.

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