Coronavirus could spark changes in where to work from, Are we ready?

Unprecedented times would sometimes call for unprecedented steps. Coronavirus has led us all to stay home. Those who are able to conduct their daily work and businesses from their homes are better off. They are used to it by now. However, working from home does not change day-to-day work, it just means you’ll be doing it from a different environment. Although, for most of us this is not how we envisioned the distributed work revolution taking hold.

Are we prepared as a country! We mean, look at most of us. We merely have to get up and go about our usual hustle and bustle on a daily basis. On another hand, we feel obliged to want to go back home in case we have a sick family member that we should look after. We feel like we need to be near our homes when there’s something back home that requires urgent attention.

The revolution happening during this moment of the coronavirus pandemic has given the world a chance for a great reset in terms of how people work. We just hope a cure is found in due time though.

Currently, every technology based firm is focused on helping people adjust to remote work. We hope for a better way to help everyone find a way of reserving their usual income.

How common is working from home?

A senior black man works from his computer at home

Perhaps not common, just like we mentioned earlier. However, most countries like Australia have already started offering flexible work arrangements. These employees still do so on limited basis. They might have to report to work on regular intervals. It only tells us how hectic it is to fully set up arrangements for everyone to work from home.

In countries like Rwanda and Kenya, technological advancement should allow us to be able to start being prepared for a revolution which might change the way we go about our daily work.

In as much as we’ve failed to realize the relevance in the use of tools such as websites and mobile applications, it is fundamental that we look forward towards this light. Thus, does working from home really work?

According to early research working from home needs a boost from well lain technological equipment and tools. With relevant tools like websites and applications it is estimated that people who worked from home recorded nearly over 10% of productivity as compared to those who worked from the office.

Therefore, it is nothing much to be shaken about. Working from home works.

How can we help you start working from home more effectively?

Technology companies should be in the forefront to help other organizations set up arrangements of how to work effectively from home. As Legibra, we are out entirely to see that you and your business transit smoothly into working from home.


communication is an integral part of work

One downside with working from home is the inability to interact with colleagues and clients. Since communication is as important as the amount of capital you feed into your business, it is important that you understand the benefit of creating Web and web apps which will help you keep in touch with your clients and with better applications, even colleagues.

24 Hours A Day Presence Everyday – Being online; a website is accessible throughout, meaning that your prospects and customers can visit your site for inquiries and transactions even after office hours and whenever it is convenient for them. You could also provide a map and directions to your office for the kind of people who insist on physically meeting someone before transacting with them. We are unable to keep moving from place to place at the moment, albeit you can be entirely sure that a website will work better for you now more than ever.

New Technology, only solution for business now.

While it took other businesses more than ten years to establish massive records, the pandemic has ruined everything in just a few weeks. Companies which boasted of more than over two hundred employees now face a recess of capital and have lesser numbers of employees due to the restriction of movement.

Take for instances dining in hotels which have lost huge numbers of customers due to the pandemic and the idea of self-quarantine.

However, it is notable now that the adoption of the available tools for business in regards to technology is fundamental at this point. Also, a means can only be invented if indeed there is necessity.

Today, we realize that developing a website could be a first step towards helping businesses which can work relatively well from the comfort of home.

Hotels which are facing a subsidence in the numbers of those who visit for dine-ins could only ensure they utilize to the maximum the use of websites to ensure that their potential customers order and get served even as they remain home to curb the spread of coronavirus-COVID19. 

Websites do not restrict the type of business you deal in, mostly because as a tech company we are out to focus on the goals of your business and design websites with respect to your goal as a business.

Do you want to break into a new market? Do you want to introduce a new product or service into an existing market, or maybe, want to establish a special niche for your business?

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