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Free Tools for Developing Your Personal Brand

Apart from auditing your online presence and creating content that resonates with your personal brand, your personal branding efforts should also include an active plan to achieve your goals. I’m talking about taking some time in your day to manage your various online accounts. 

Once you have put aside time to engage with your online accounts, there are a few tools beyond the obvious services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that you should use to maintain a healthy digital presence.

5 Tools for Developing Your Personal Brand

  1. Hootsuite
    Free Personal Branding Tools

    Free Personal Branding Tools

This tool offers you a social media dashboard which you can use to monitors your online accounts. Not only are the reports easy to read, but it’s also easy to follow a topic of interest. You can use this tool to schedule posts across all your accounts and save time, i.e when you post to one account Hootsuite automatically updates the other accounts.

  1. BuzzSumo
    Free Personal Branding ToolsbUZZSUMO

    Free Personal Branding Tools

If you write content, (such as a blogger) and need to drive traffic this is a great resource. You only enter a topic or a URL into a BuzzSumo search box, and you’ll get a wealth of information on the content that performs best for social media sharing.  You can also find what is being searched the most and what people want to know the most about.

  1. Canva
    Free Personal Branding Tools


This is a marketing tool used to help create amazing marketing graphics. With this tool, you can access different types of stock images, store your data and also use its templates. It’s a great tool to help achieve a modern look to your website and social media accounts.

  1. Google Alerts
    Free Personal Branding Tools

    Free Personal Branding Tools

At this age, you cannot miss out on conversations about your personal brand. You need to know when someone gives you a shout-out or when someone is bashing your reputation. Google alert helps you stay on top of your mentions and even those of your competitors.

  1. BrandYourselfFree Personal Branding ToolsFree Personal Branding Tools

Last but not least, BrandYourself is a tool that helps you track the movement of your search results over time. It will notify you of any changes and help you improve your online presence in terms of rankings on Google search. That is, if you share a name with 100 other people, you’ll get to be on the first page of Google when someone searches for you.

Personal branding is important but it doesn’t have to a be a full-time job. Use these tools to lighten your efforts while developing your personal brand.

Are you actively developing your personal brand? What tools are you using to manage your personal branding efforts? Please share with us on the comment section below, we love to hear from you 🙂



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