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Is having a Personal Website Worth It?

With Kenya’s tough economy, a cover letter and a resume isn’t going to make you stand out of the crowd. 

If you’re really interested in your career, having a personal website, a blog, or a simple page showing a timeline of interest and thought around your topic of interest goes a long way in showing your commitment over the next person.

Besides, not all people are interested in you so much that they will carry out some serious research of ALL your online accounts just to gain a true impression of who you are.

Remember, first impressions take seconds. Just imagine a potential investor trying to find out more about you but the moment they search your name on Google, a picture from your last Tequila party pops up. Not the kind of impression you want to create, right?

With a personal website, you can develop your personal brand. You can tell who you are, what you do, what experience you have and what your future goals are. You can control what the world sees when they search for you online. (Check out Mwalimu Rachael’s Personal website here and Boniface Mwangi’s personal website here)

Sure, a LinkedIn profile coupled with other social media sites can be a great start but if you’re really serious about building your personal brand and establishing yourself as an expert, you need a personal website. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just a couple of pages with a short bio, your C.V, contact details and links to your social media profiles.

With over 66% of employers using the internet to vet future employees, your best shot at getting the job that you want and growing your career altogether rests on whether or not you decide to polish your online presence.

Don’t wait until you’re looking for a new job. Get a head-start today, start with an page. It’s free, easy to use and will help you in crafting your personal brand.

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