Transferring C-panel Account from One Hosting Company to Another

Transferring C-panel Account

About C-panel

Control panel ( C-panel ) is an online web hosting  which is based on Linux that provides a user with a graphical interface to modify his/her website. The c-panel is structured in a three way which gives administrators, users (web owners) and the re-sellers to control the website and also administrating the server through web browser.

Moreover,  C-panel has an API based access and a command line which allows other third parties software retailers, developers of the website and the hosting organization to have administrative privileges. Also, C-panel can function as a dedicated server or a virtual server. The latest C-panel version  support: Cloud LINUX OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the CentOS.


Migration of the C-panel

During the migration of the c-panel, you should note that the website will experience downtime. Also, it’s a requirement to change the name servers of the domain of the website. Ensure that they point to the new server that you are migrating to. Its good to contact the new hosting provider. They will assist you change the name servers of the site.

To check the name servers of your website, visit whois.com and paste your domain in the first search box you will see and click enter. Whois.com will furnish you with details about your website like name servers, A records etc.



Before migrating, ensure your website is fully backed up. Mostly this is done by compressing all the files in the  public_html folder under the file manager in c-panel. Make sure you have selected all the files before compressing.

Transfering C-panel account

Also download all your databases in the phpmyadmin section. Make sure you have selected the database to export.

Transferring C-panel Account

Once you are through with the backups, ensure you have a C-panel account in the new hosting company. If you don’t, contact them and they will create one for you. Charges may apply for the process depending on the type of hosting taken e.g, ‘gold’, ‘platinum’, ‘bronze’.


Get Things Going

Once you have an account and the C-panel credentials, you can login your accout. Type on your web browser your domain name followed by forward slash and C-panel, i.e., example.com/C-panel. When logged in, navigate to file manager. Then go to public_html, there is an option for upload at the top of the public_html page. Click the icon and upload the compressed file that you backed up from Public_html. Also navigate to phpmyadmin and import all the databases you had exported. When the process is complete, give your site a maximum of 24 hours.


Once the propagation is complete, your website should be working as expected. In case you are seeking more detailed information kindly visit C-panel documentation under this link documentation.cpanel.net



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