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How To Market Your Business Using Twitter-Who Needs Twitter Marketing?

Social media is currently the heartthrob of virtually all communications and surprisingly even almost all sorts of marketing. Nonetheless, the point of contention is who needs twitter marketing? The answer is simple, everybody and in extension every business looking to establish a large and global clientele base. Why? As earlier mentioned, just about everything revolves around social media including business marketing! There is no

The answer is simple, everybody, and in extension, every business looking to establish a large and global clientele base. As earlier mentioned, just about everything revolves around social media including business marketing! There is no business venture that is completely devoid of a Twitter or Facebook page nowadays. Using the features as provided by these forums particularly Twitter sets a business towards the top by allowing it to keep tabs with ongoing trends and inclinations of the market.

Over the years, Twitter has gradually forged its repute as one of the world’s most popular platform (social media). With an active user base slightly above 230 million, Twitter is dictating the trends of a significantly expanding connected culture focused on quick information established along common interests and social networks. Notwithstanding, your type of business, whether large scale or small scale, Twitter comes in handy and allows you to establish noteworthy connections and engage with your target audience. Such connections can inspire actions over a network of dependable clients for the business.

Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing


Benefits of Using Twitter Marketing


  1. Cost-Efficiency:

Marketing can be significantly costly for a business especially for cash-strapped ones. Nonetheless, Twitter is a cost-efficient method of reaching a global customer base and prospects. The charges while using twitter are only limited to your computer or device and internet connection expenses which most businesses already have; since opening and running Twitter accounts is absolutely free. Moreover, Twitter is also accessible via mobile phones which is even convenient and with minimal costs.

2.Target Marketing:

Twitter allows you to locate individuals with mutual interests, which can allow you to target prospective customers. For example, if your business revolves around cosmetics, you can identify other brands offering the same and subsequently follow them which is an enlisting process for consequently receiving tweets as posted by others. By networking, you can establish your following and thereafter build up long-term relationships which can result to sales.

3. Providing Expertise:

A business can use Twitter to set up their expertise in their niche which can subsequently assist in building credibility and gaining clients. For example, depending on your niche, you can post tweets regularly which offer exclusive tips on how to fair well in your niche. In this process, you can accompany the tweet with your website link for more information.

4. Immediacy:

With Twitter, you can share your message and receive feedback and other messages instantly at whatever time. When you come across important information which can significantly help your following, you can easily post a quick tweet and directly gain a competitive edge over rival brands. You can be the first to communicate immediate developments and changes to a customer base at the quickest of times.

5. Integrity and establishing Brand Identity:

For small businesses, there is a necessity to showcase their reliability and proficiency in their niche and industry. With Twitter, this is easily possible. How? For one, businesses can provide tweet links relative to exclusive research and informative articles which direct the readers to their business websites for further information. This aids them in building credible repute.

6. Boosting SEO Rankings and Ratings:

Twitter aside from helping maintain an active status with clients for businesses also helps boost the online ranking of the websites of a business. Through effectively utilizing tweets rich in keywords, businesses can boost their presence in the search engines.

Businesses that successfully use Twitter marketing or Twitter for Business can improve customer service, communicate better with customers, increase traffic to offline store or website, follow trends and competitors closely and connect with their local community.

Here’s how to use Twitter Marketing for your business.

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