We Are In Love With Our Clients

We found the traditional customer support boring, so we went all out for customer care and the party with our clients has never stopped.  


There was a time we measured the quality of our work through, well, the quality of our work! As long as a website was appealing and functional; we swiftly handed over a project and hunted after another. That was until we realized that customer satisfaction not only at the handover but years down the line, was actually more satisfying.

Legibra is a family company. We do our projects together, step out for lunch together and, on Fridays dance to music together. The party had largely been exclusive to the staff here, but of late there has been an influx of the number of visitors coming in to add a little merry to proceedings. We live for that moment.

It was just the other month when our boss whisked away our unsuspected team to a lunch meeting with one of our clients, A Plus Interiors. The award-winning guys are very disruptive creatives and they wanted their website to match their crazy ideas. Honestly, we ourselves took some convincing to accept that the website, as beautiful as they come, was done by no one else. The lunch, perhaps in line with the relatively otherworldly nature of this project, took place at Sarova Stanley. You read it right. Sarova. Stanley. Bill on us.


Fast forward a few days later and our company took a nose dive as we came crushing back to earth. The occasion was a skydiving excursion we had taken at Diani, during the now world famous Diani Beach Festival. We had just finished creating the Sky Diani website and decided to give more value to our clients by turning the tables on them. A literally high-flying partnership was born and we always look forward to take the stunning trip again.

Planes are not the only thing we have ridden here, though. We visited Hardy Stud, a horse stable in Karen, where we had the ride of a lifetime. A month down the line, we had delivered the Hardy Stud website, as powerful as the horses doing rounds at the magnificent landscape.

Customer care to us is not the hit and run PR exercise it has been made to be of late. We prefer everlasting partnerships especially for projects that provide the goods and services we consume. We also add value to our clients by providing them with after sales services like free training and maintenance for the first three months after completion of a project.

After this year’s successful incorporation of an in-house content development team to provide SEO-friendly website content to start-ups; we also provide affordable digital marketing services for our clients as they launch their website to the world. These new services have enables us to take total care of our clients even after their website development project is done.

As if that is not enough, we have also repurposed our blog from a sales machine to an informational hub where our clients can come and quench their curiosity on such matters as domain registration, web security and how to start a blog. Our aim is to add value to customers’ lives beyond the product itself.

For those who don’t browse a lot, we have a newsletter that gives them fleshy snippets of what has gone down every week. Special promotions are also sent alongside to ensure our subscribers get value for the time they spend on our newsletter. You can subscribe here to enjoy as well.

Our Pitman House office, which we are told is one of the most beautiful in the land, plays host to our super client Mwalimu Rachel whenever she has an idea for her spectacular YouTube Channel. Hot on her heels came Film Crew In Africa, a production company that shot a stunning movie casting several stars from Shuga. Thereafter, our doors were open to tech bloggers Nick Kanali and co to shoot 24 Bit, a discussion about technology trends in Kenya. It is no surprise that Shell used the same space just a few days ago to film their soon-to-be aired TV commercial.

Finishing up; we would have explained how we exchanged value with management firm Bellie Roaster by unhacking their website after their previous service providers had taken it ransom just one day to its launch, but the intricacies of the all-night covert operation cannot be disclosed here.

Absolutely free no-strings-attached consultation is given to prospective clients while retrospective clients get away with customer satisfaction surveys that are meant to address any concerns arising from their completed projects. By listening to customers, customer satisfaction surveys enable us to identify unhappy customers and stop the problems causing their distress.

To cap it all, we are have gone all-out social on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; giving away product news updates, short pieces on key news, case studies featuring our clients, reviews of new software, websites and gadgets; and details of new services we offer, among others.

The things people do for love!



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