How To Announce Your Website Redesign

3 Ways to Announce Your Website Redesign In A Way That’s Valuable To Your Customers

In 2018 and beyond, it’s expected that you redesign your website every few months based on your visitors’ behaviors and interactions with your site.  But once you have revamped your website to fit with your target audience’s needs as well as your company goals, how do you announce your website redesign in a way that gives your target audience value?

Sure, you can always blast your email list with the all too common “Check out our new website!”. But will such an announcement give your audience the incentive to visit your redesigned website? After all, redesigning your website, at least where your clients and prospects are concerned, is a non-event. It’s like sending an email to your clients letting them know you filed your 2017 taxes.

If you want to announce your new website redesign to your clients and prospects, ask yourself: how does this redesign add value to my customer’s life?

3 Ways To Announce Your Website Redesign

1. Explain new features

If you think about it, your website redesign only adds value to your members when a new feature is unveiled. For example; thanks to our new display advertising feature, our website visitors as well a clients, can now use graphics, videos and audio to advertise their services on our website. Just think about it, if you were sending your announcement as an email, which of these headlines would get more clicks?

“Check out our new website!” versus “Now you can push your products and services on our website.” 

A great example of such announcement was made by Brighter Monday on the Business Daily, the headline read, “Jobs site adds education.” Notice that even though the whole Brighter Monday website was redesigned, they only mentioned the feature that would gain most attention from its users.

3 Ways to Announce A Website Redesign

Brighter Monday Announces Their Website Redesign By Focusing on The Most Important Feature


2. Create an offer

Offers are always a good reason to send an announcement to your audience. For example, asking your members to visit your redesigned website to take advantage of a limited offer on your product or services, will ensure they experience the redesign for themselves.

Announcing a website redesign

Perhaps Kenya Buzz Would Have Pulled More Traffic To Their Redesigned Website If They Gave Discounts on The Movie Tickets

3. Write about the website redesign process

You can write about your experience in redesigning your website while highlighting the extra miles you covered to ensure your website visitors get the best experience. What did you learn? What would you never do again? You could post this content on your website, but it’s better if you share it somewhere else, like on your newsletter, a guest post for a professional organization, or on Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook (especially Facebook groups!)  to pull unique traffic to your website.


Just like you and I, your clients, customers and prospects love to feel valued. Therefore, it is important to always keep this in mind when communicating unless you end up focusing too much on your brands or products. So next time you are making an announcement, be it a announcing a website redesign or launching a mobile application, ensure the message requires their action (in a positive way) or adds value to their lives.

How did you announce your website redesign? Was the announcement successful?

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