LetsEncrypt Certificate

All you need to know about LetsEncrypt Certificate.

LetsEncrypt Certificate is a free SSL certificate. It offers the same level of security as paid SSL certificate, to be specific Domain Validation which will cost you $15 per year. Any website or blog owners can secure their website using LetsEncrypt at no extra cost. Let`s Encrypt is offered by a certificate Authority known as Let’s Encrypt.

The  SSL certificate is generated using ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) protocol. The certificate is used to encrypt communication between the user and the web server.

Basic benefits of using the LetsEncrypt certificate.

  1. It is free. The certificate can be obtained by anyone who owns a domain at no extra cost.
  2. It is simple. No validation required.
  3. It is secure. It provides modern security technique for your website.
  4. The certificate is valid for 90 days. The validation period is short in order to reduce certificate abuse by attackers.

Disadvantages of LetsEncrypt certificate

  1. LetsEncrypt is not an option for the Extended certificate, organizational validation.
  2. It is not the best option for E-commerce websites. It is recommended for simple websites that do not require full guarantee or ownership.
  3. Most of the big companies do not consider LetsEncrypt certificate because the users who visit their website are not sure whether it is the actual company that host the site.
  4. LetsEncrypt certificate was intended to make the internet safe but malicious people have taken advantage of it. The certificate supports phishing sites. It has been reported that Let’s Encrypt has been issued to about 15,000 SSL certificate to PayPal phishing sites.
  5. No business validation. It only validates the domain name.
  6. Since the certificate expires after 90 days, the owner of the domain will have to reinstall the certificate again. It is time-consuming and hectic for someone who has multiple websites.
  7. The certificate secures one domain. If you have multiple domain or subdomains you will have to install the certificate individually.

LetsEncrypt provides domain validation certificates. It loads your website via https.

After reading this article and you fill that LetsEncrypt will be the best SSL certificate for your website you may need some guidelines on how you can install LetsEncrypt certificate.

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