Add email address to Gmail account

Did you know that you can manage all your email accounts in one location?

There is a new way to add a new email address for your website e.g [email protected] to your Gmail account. All you need is your Gmail email account and email address on your own domain name that uses POP3 or IMAP email protocol.

Disadvantage: One can send an email to a client using a personal email account.


1. Go to

2. Log in to your email account.

3. Then click on the setting gear button on your right corner and choose Settings.

4. Click on Accounts and Import and choose add a mail account.

5. Add your email account which you would like to receive emails in your Gmail account, then click next.

6. Check on Import emails from my other account (POP3) button and click next.

7. Enter your email address, username, password, POP server and the port. Use the details below for POP Server and port, then click add account.


8. Congratulations! Your account has been added. Click next to go the next step.

9. Uncheck the “Treat as an alias” button then click next.

10. Choose the SMTP servers you want to use, either Gmail server or SMPT servers for your other provider. In this case, we will use Legibra SMTP server. Use the details below then click on add account.

11. Verify that you are the owner of the account you have just added by logging into that account and access the verification code. Paste the code and click on verify.

When replying to an email, you can choose to reply from the same email address was sent to e.g [email protected] or your Gmail account.

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