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How to create an email signature in outlook

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An email signature is a piece of information that one attaches at the end of an email message. It can also be defined as a computerized business card. An email signature is used to provide the recipient with your name, contact, email address, the URL of your website and a logo. Email signature message is not limited, you can add anything you like.

Dos and don`ts


  1. Get an email signature.
  2. Do make it simple – professional email signature should be short but simple.
  3. Maintain simple graphics.
  4. Use icons to connect your social media account.
  5. Make your signature mobile friendly. An email signature should be consistency across all platforms.
  6. Make sure contacts details are up to date.
  7. Include your company logo.


  1. Do not use mixed colors and font in your signature.
  2. Do not use animations.
  3. Do not use bullets.
  4. Do not use large graphics.
  5. Do not let everyone to create their own signature.
  6. Do not add inappropriate information for example, personal quotes.

Benefits of email signature

An email signature is as important as any other part of the organization.

  1. With email signature, it is easy to share your contacts details.
  2. Provide immediate brand identification.
  3. It promotes your company.
  4. A well-designed signature conveys professionalism.
  5. It is part of social networking.

Steps for setting up an email signature

1. Log in into your account.

2. Click on file at the left corner.

3. Click on options.

4. On outlook options window choose mail link in the left menu.

5. Click the signature button.

6. Then click on New.

7. Key in your signature name then click OK.

8. Type in your signature details and use the tab on the top to add a company logo then click OK.

Congratulations!! You have successfully created an email signature.

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