WordPress Vs. HTML

Business Website: WordPress or HTML?

If you want to start a business website but aren’t sure where to get started, then you are on the right blog. In this article, we dig into the differences between WordPress and HTML, comparing what’s best for your business website.

The Difference Between WordPress and HTML

  1. Definition

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is basically a programming code that allows you to display information on a page. Before working with HTML, you must learn how to edit HTML code. WordPress on the other hand is a free Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create a website using themes and drag-and-drop features. It is easy to set up and requires little coding knowledge.

  1. Source

Unlike HTML which is a closed source- meaning only the developer or coder can make changes to the code, WordPress is an open source platform which means that anyone can modify a WordPress website to add new plugins or update the design.

  1. Template or Theme?

A website made from HTML is called a template whereas that made from WordPress is called a theme.  Templates do not have a Content Management System, meaning you cannot easily edit the text on the website without using a text editor. WordPress themes have a Content system management that allows you to change content on the website and change the design of the site with a few simple clicks.

  1. Usage

WordPress is used by more than 79 million websites on the internet including LinkedIn, Forbes and Vogue websites. HTML is also used for various websites providing great capabilities either for business or personal projects.


  1. Design

When working with an HTML template, your website’s design is only limited by your imagination and your web developer’s skills. As for WordPress, you will have plenty of opportunities to implement your creative ideas but you’ll have to work within the theme you are using.



Benefits of Using WordPress for Business Website

  • You get to choose from thousands of professionally-made WordPress themes
  • WordPress websites grow with your business meaning you can add any functionality to your site as you scale up.
  • The user-friendly interface allows you to make changes like adding pages or content without hiring a professional
  • WordPress gives you full control over your website, its domain, and all its content

Disadvantages of using WordPress for Business Website

  • You’ll be in charge of the maintenance
  • Even though WordPress is easy to use, you’ll need to get familiar with the software and its features.

Benefits of using HTML for Business Website

  • A HTML website can run on low resources and a cheaper server
  • HTML sites require little or no maintenance.

Disadvantages of using HTML for business website

  • It’s more expensive compared to a WordPress site considering that you need to hire a professional even for the smallest task.
  • HTML is not as flexible as WordPress, if your business grows and you need to add a contact form or a case study page, you’ll have to hire a professional web developer
  • HTML doesn’t have updates like WordPress.

WordPress Vs. HTML: Which is Better?

Well, if you are certain that your site will never need an update then, by all means, go for HTML. But, if you want the freedom to tweak your site as you wish, save on maintenance costs, and have a website that grows with your business, then WordPress is obviously the better choice. Find more information about choosing a professional WordPress developer here.

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