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Top 6 Business Technology Trends for 2017

As we have discussed in previous posts herehere and here, the internet has reshaped almost every aspect of business including how we live. Businesses in 2017 must, therefore, cater to consumers who expect the best quality and prompt delivery of services at the lowest price.

If you are looking forward to a successful business year in 2017, here are the 6 strategies you should consider to boost your business:

Top Business Technology Trends 2017

  1. Integrate Technology into Your Business
    Cloud technology

    Cloud technology

In 2017, technology will become a necessity for every business, especially if you want to sharpen your competitive edge in the global marketplace. For example, cloud-based services will help businesses overcome all obstacles to integrating mobile technology into their systems. Big data will also become more influential as companies collect and use data to improve their products, services, and customer support.

  1. Personal Branding is a Must

Personal branding is an amazing way to make businesses famous. In fact, customers trust a well-built personal brand more than they trust a company; you only have to look at what Mwalimu Rachel is doing. Personal branding tools play a great role in this regard, helping businesses to gain credibility and stay ahead of the game. Find out more about personal branding here.

  1. Managing Projects Remotely

A few years back, I’m sure you may have never thought of employing someone who works from home. But nowadays, so many companies, startups, and digital agencies are doing most of their projects remotely. You can follow these techniques to manage your projects remotely and reduce overhead costs. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop and you can access your task list, collaborate with your team, share documents and stay updated with the project progress.

  1. Respect Millennials Buying Decisions 

Many entrepreneurs think millennials are selfish and materialistic, but truth be told, they just don’t follow the same trends baby boomers do. They always look for more creative ways to get their job done and are continuously looking for the ways to improve overall business strategy; this leads to innovation. Catering to millennials needs will become the hottest business trend in 2017 as they are now much more involved in influencing purchasing decisions. Find out more about millennials here.


  1. More Business Prospects

No matter which market your online business is targeting, no matter what kind of product you are selling, you should expect your turnover to increase significantly in the next few years, because the number of customers on the internet is also growing, and the market is expanding.

  1. E-Commerce Business will continue to Rise

E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. The growth is faster in the West and in Asia, due to the spread of the smart devices, however, the phenomenon is general throughout the whole world. Though e-commerce has already developed, I expect to see a lot of  changes in price reduction, prompt delivery and easy customization.

Bringing it all together

These changes will happen and are already happening. If you start to get prepared for 2017 now, you still have enough time to plan your most important marketing campaigns, to come up with solutions how you’re going to transform your business in line with the most recent user habits, and how you’re going to use the new technologies.

Do you have any questions? What Business technology trends do you predict for 2017? Plese leave your comments and suggestions below 🙂 We love to hear from you.

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