How to configure Gmail account to send and receive outlook emails.

1 Log in to cPanel. http://yourdomain/cpanel

2 Once logged in find and click on email accounts.

3 Click on Set Up Mail Client on the account you want to configure.



4 Then scroll down to Mail Client Manual SettingsSecure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended) is what we are going to use.


5 Now Login into your Gmail account.

6 Go to Settings.


7 To Settings Menu


8 Click on Accounts and Imports then on Add a mail account like below.


9 Enter your domain Email address then click Next.


10 Enter your POP Server as it is in your cPanel and the port number, Set the Label- this will distinguish outlook mails from the rest.Remember to check like below too. Then click on Add Account




11 Then click on Next.



12 You can enter your name then Next Step.



13  Enter your server settings for SMTP like they are in your cPanel and port number then Add Account.



14  Enter the verification code sent to your gmail account.


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