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10 of The Most Popular Website Types and Their Benefits

Many business people and individuals do not know what kind of a website to get their products and services. However, sites are categorized as follows:

  • Static sites: These are non-editable internet sites.
  • Editable Brochure Sites: Requires a content management system.
  • Editable Dynamic Website: It engages the user with login areas. This site is self-managed.
  • E-commerce Websites: They have a payment gateway, e.g., PayPal.
  • Web Application: It is a customized site with much functionality.


10 Popular Types of Websites

  1. E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is a favorite type of a website globally due to the marketing nature of it. Buyers meet sellers and transactions such as ordering, payments, and shipping are capable online due to the content management system involved. An e-commerce website contains the sales pitch zone, the products zone, and the customer check in and out process. Check out the ecommerce websites developed and designed by Legibra here.


  1. Personal Websites

These sites are ideal for individuals to help share information and photos with friends. The domain registrar offers free space, and thus you use that advantage to create a personalized site. The first part of your Url have the ISP name (Internet Service Provider), and the last part has your name as a person. These sites have limited server capabilities and are not search engine optimized and hence not ideal for marketing business. Check out these examples for a better understanding.

  1. Political Sites

These sites give political information like campaign information, candidate’s information, political news, and blogs, etc. They help to provide first-hand information to potential citizens about their politicians. This is how activist Boniface Mwangi used his political website to fund raise for his campaign.


  1. News Websites

These sites give the latest news in entertainment, weather, and sports. They offer breaking news, news update concerning the country/ the world and overall global news.

  1. Corporate Websites

Business sites provide information about a particular company to the public. This is a great way of a company to display its products and services to new clients as well as update the existing customers on any new service or product changes or progress. Here’s a portfolio of well-designed corporate websites.


  1. SME Websites

Small and medium-sized enterprises have increased their focus on online marketing, and thus SMEs sites are the most ideal due to cheaper hosting costs compared to that of corporate websites. Entrepreneurs should make their sites easy to navigate, engage clients, provide a full product description, and have a point of content. This ensures that more consumers can enjoy complete information of the business at a small space online. Here’s an SME websites created by Legibra for SkyDive Diani.


  1. Consultation Websites

Just as the name suggests, consultation sites specifically design for offering consultative information about particular topics. The client gets information on how to solve some issues and general inquiries about everything in life. Here’s an example of a consultation website designed and developed by Legibra: Ki ngeley consultation website.


  1. Online Payment Websites

Due to increase in transactions demand in the current world, clients prefer to make online payments and thus a site that can include payment services is preferred. With a reliable online payment service provider (PSP), customers can efficiently pay online via bank transfers, credit cards, and real-time orders. This system offers zero risk tolerance to ensure that clients only pay for what posts online without having to incur hidden charges, especially with international transactions.


  1. Writers/Authors Websites

These are sites designed to include a biography, excerpts, catalog of published work, links to publications of writers, etc. With a writer’s site, you get a following of people based on your social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, or blogs. This enhances marketing of your future publications.


  1. Community Building Websites

These popular sites have cropped up in the last ten years. They help to connect people online whereby people can share ideas, photos, and events. People interact socially hence the name social media. The sites include facebook.com, linkedin.com, and myspace.com. Photo sharing sites like picasa.com also fall under this category of websites.



Getting a website is easy, with the right person or organization designing it for you; you can achieve more by selling your business ideas. Small, medium and cooperates have the advantage of choosing the type of website that is suitable for them regarding costs of hosting as well as availability on search engines. There are other many kinds of websites such as directory websites, mobile device websites, and informational websites.

Blogging sites are a current type of site that are trending. Weblogs, also known as blogs, have increased due to the high need of personal marketing lifestyle online. With that, blogging sites have cropped up whereby the owner logs in daily and post events in their lives. Others can see the posts and contribute by commenting. Small businesses can as well create such sites to market their services globally and get instant feedback from customers.



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