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It’s overwhelming how a flu virus emerges and takes us all by surprise. We fear for economic havoc; we fear for lives in equal measure. Every other thing seems to have been altered in massive extent. There’s no telling to what extent businesses and other social activities will be affected. 

Just the other day students were forced to cut short their term in school. How gross! It meant thus, no exams and delays in finishing the syllabi. It’s no good news.

As a country we depend on several people to help see us through these tough moments. We have trained medics and public health workers. We have a functional government that is probably doing its best to help its vulnerable citizens. Lest we forget though, it is difficult to ensure that the economy doesn’t subside. With people mainly trying to stay on lockdown, others figuring out how to work from home and other safer regions just so the spread of the deadly flu virus is contained in some way.

It will also be challenging to ensure that business people keep track of their enterprises merely due to the idea of trying to avoid the slightest contact with the flu virus.  As a web solution company we feel that websites and the internet in general could save us a bounty.

We all know that websites are very important these days but there are still businesses that don’t believe it will do them good especially in capturing new customers. Beside just businesses, other entities like schools and shopping centers could as well use websites to better ensure their daily activities are not entirely affected.

Without further ado here are the 5 reasons why website are essential for businesses and other sort of services.

Most people search for businesses online

People want instant results when searching for a services or product. Instead of going place to place, people stream online. Many search engines display results that allow potential customers to get what they are looking for. Businesses with an online presence discourage wastage of time that comes with the physical movement of customers from one place to another. In this regard this will help you during this period when the government encourages people to stay home.

Communication and Marketing

While we sit and wait for a solution to the flu virus so that we get back to our daily routines; work as usual, school, business, it would only be wise to tap into every aspect of the online space that will keep things moving. The online space in this case would ensure that there is adequate information for clients and customers.

Therefore, communication which is a key element of our day to day activities will still run. The online space still allows people to communicate effectively with basic strategies laid to suit the needs of users. In addition, websites are a good way to enhance marketing without necessarily having sales people to move every now and then. Although, sales people strive to sell products and services directly to clients, websites enhance their roles by giving your business an online exposure and marketing your brand, products and services.


Also, e-commerce will allow businesses to transact as usual. As we said, there is no telling exactly when this menace will go away. We believe that it’s causing most of us lots of sleepless nights and thus there must be a solution at the end of the day. However, until then we need to work and go about our usual hustles. But how do we do this while ensuring there is minimal contact and spread of the flu virus?  Getting an E-commerce website is a good idea.

 It works 24/7 for you

Websites have always been functional throughout the day and clients can still access your products and services even during late hours of the night. Without having fear that your products and services won’t get enough customers/clients due to the fact that people won’t be moving every now and then, you get to count your profit and daily income as usual.

 Connections that reach more people

There are more than 200 million people who search businesses online. This simply shows that your business stands the usual chances of reaching your daily customers and even more people than you’d expect. Unlike having a local store where you are limited to where you put up your store websites create mobility.

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