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How To Earn Online Trust With Trust Seal

Trust seal is a seal that is granted by a qualified body like COMODO to be displayed on businesses or websites. In other words, trust seal is like an online stamp that is displayed on a website to broadcast the trustworthiness and security of a website to the users.

Types of trust seals

There are four types of trust seal but the first one is the most prominent one. Each type of trust seal has different requirements at a different cost.

  1. Security trust seal. Security seal protects your website from hackers. One example of security seal is SSL certificate.
  2. Privacy trust seal. Privacy seal is a seal or a logo that is used by website owners to verify their entities in order to protect online consumers by identifying trustworthy websites that have been confirmed for protecting customers personal information.
  3. Business practice trust seals. This seal is for operational practices for a business, for example, manufacturing quality practices.
  4. Business identity trust seal. This type of seal proves that your business is legitimate. Business identity seal is issued to businesses that can prove and verify the nature of their business. This type of seal will assure your customers that your business operation is legal.

Requirements for security seal

  1. Domain name
  2. Website
  3. SSL certificate. You must have an SSL certificate in order to enjoy this type of trust seal.

Benefits of trust seal

  1. Increase sales and profit.
  2. It is a proves that you are a credible merchant.
  3. It increases growth rate.
  4. Competitive advantage over non-certified businesses.
  5. Convert visitors to buyers.
  6. Visitors will never leave your website.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to show your website visitors that you care about their privacy. If you want to demonstrate that your website is safe from hackers, trust seal can help you to do so.

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