Do Facebook Ads Work for Business? 

Facebook just like any other business requires to generate revenue and that is the main reason they introduced advertising services. Currently, Facebook has over one billion active users and it is particularly useful for social media marketing because of its ability to cost-effectively target a user’s clients based on many variables such as income level, marital status, interests, income levels, age, location, education, languages, gender, connections and many more. Facebook ads have the potential of driving significant sales for all sizes and types of businesses.

However, Facebook marketing can only work if it used by businesses that fully comprehend how to effectively operate the delicate craft and the relevant ads to use while at it. The kind of engagement your business ad gets depends on the way you display it to the target audience.

How Facebook Ads Work

Unlike traditional advertising or online advertising, Facebook advertising is unique in itself because a user cannot hyper-target the type of audience that views the ad. However, if it is properly set up, a user can show ads only to individuals that closely fit the ideal client. This essentially means that one does not waste funds displaying ads to individuals that lack even the slightest interest in their line of business.

There are several ways by which one can target on Facebook, the following are some extensive categories:

  • The Facebook interests of a person.
  • The activity on a person’s website.
  • The pages that an individual likes on Facebook.
  • A person’s location, gender and even age.

Why Facebook Ads are effective

  1. Global audience – Facebook enjoys a global audience of one-fifth of the entire planet earth’s population i.e. 1.5 billion users. This means that there is no other social network that can remotely even begin to challenge its market penetration. This statistic is important to advertisers because it means the more they can granularly target any potential prospects.
  2. Costs – The average CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) on Facebook has decreased considerably in recent years. It is also worth noting that Facebook’s cost-per-click (CPCs) have remained low across the board. However, it should come to your attention that costs will vary according to the type of ad that a business is running and their campaign objectives as they are over eleven different ad formats available.


What You Should Know About Facebook Ads

  • Images for Facebook ads

Images are undoubtedly the most critical part of an ad. The most suitable type of images that ought to be used by businesses include close-ups of attractive faces of people that resemble the target audience, topography that is characterized by bright colors, funny or attractive pictures. The types of images mentioned are the ones that are most likely to attract clicks to an ad that a business is running.

  • Bidding

After a business creates an ad, Facebook will provide it with a suggested bid range. When a business is just starting out, it should set a low bid range. The click-through rate (CTR) will then dictate the required price that needs to be paid for traffic. A high CTR translates to a decrease in suggested bids. A low CTR means a business will require to bid more for every click. Targets and ads should be optimized to continually achieve a high CTR.

All in all, Facebook is an excellent marketing channel but only for marketer who knows how to use it.

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