Kenya Breaking Limits Digitally

As we are still on the No Human is Limited vibe, the Legibra team would like to congratulate Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei on their fete of breaking records and setting new ones.

Eliud’s attempt and success in running a marathon in under two-hours shows that there are no limits. The marathon that was held in Vienna was funded by petrochemicals company Ineos, owned by Britain’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The same is also true for Brigid as she also won the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday (13) at the IAAF Gold Label road race in 2:14:04. Her win set a new world record in the women’s marathon breaking the previous record that was the longest standing record in both women’s and men’s marathons.

I might fall over myself if I continue relishing in the glory that these two great athletes have brought to our country Kenya, so let me stop there. I will however run the race that we as Legibra are the pace setters and record breakers in; Information Technology Solutions.

Africa has in the near future been poised to become one of the major consumption markets in the world. The projections however have been anchored on its people being digitally capable.


According to a recent pew research, Kenya and South Africa are leading the way towards the growth of the digital space in their own nations and Africa as a whole. Kenya has been widely praised for its innovative solutions in the tech-space and lays claim to being a hub to East Africa’s Silicon Valley.

From its solutions in the banking sector, agriculture and health, Kenyan innovators have really put themselves on the map thus attracting investments from across the globe. These solutions have been fuelled by an increase in the number of Kenyans who own smart phones, with the number being capped as 70%.

Rwandans too have not been left behind in the quest to digitally transform their economy. The Rwandan government has made efforts to expand its 4G network coverage and improve the digital skills of its people.

The support by these governments is aimed at creating an enabling environment that goes a long way in supporting job creation, albeit digital jobs. This therefore is an opportunity for investors and business owners as well as individuals to align their interests strategically so as to benefit from this huge market.

If you own a shop, imagine your goods being seen by people across the borders of the street you have a shop in, across the borders of the client list you have and across the borders of your country. However, is this even possible? How is this possible? These might be some of the questions you might be asking yourself but worry not, that is where we as Legibra come in.

Legibra Solutions offers IT solutions that will position your businesses for these benefits. We specialize in building e-commerce platforms, designing and developing websites plus printing and branding. Essentially we are the best when it comes to these solutions.

We pride ourselves in giving our all to our customers for we believe in having long-term relationships with them and the only best way to having a long-term relationship is to have your partner also be successful.

So like Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei let not the walls of your shop limit you or your street sign or your client list. Come to Legibra, let us make that website for you, make that e-commerce shop for you and do that printing or branding that you so desire.

I almost forgot, did I say we are the best? So hire the best and get the best… Talk to us at [email protected] or visit our site to have a look at the champions we have worked with.

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