SMEs on the Edge

Small-to-medium enterprises have contributed up to 3% of the overall Gross Domestic Product(GDP) in the last three years. SMEs constitute over 90% of the business that exist in the Kenyan economy. For a while now SMEs have fostered growth within most economies. If you are a small or medium enterprise, you should know that you’ve established a new middle class and stimulated the demand for new goods and services. In short, the economy owes its growth to you.

While small and medium enterprises continue to steer the economy by creating jobs and harnessing growth in terms of goods and service production, they utterly almost face many challenges. We would regard SMEs as informal business sectors but by Jove, they have proved worth the toil. Today as it seems we thrive on the existence of these businesses. Service delivery has improved. New products have found a way into the market through these gates. It’s overwhelming. 

Unfortunately, nearly over 300,000 micros, small and medium enterprises fail to see their second year. However, few may celebrate their fifth birthday. It has raised concerns over the sustainability of these enterprises. Their growth is mainly hindered by the lack of government support and things like that. Let’s say high-level corruption but right now we could still take the bow. We pride over making the atmosphere conducive for our businesses. 

Creating a website is a thing we could help these businesses with as a web solutions company but don’t you think SMEs want more than just giving them an awesome website. We mean, don’t you think you need to engage your customers too. You need to secure these websites and even register a domain name. Also with G-suite, you will be able to get a professional appeal and an unlimited storage space. All these are services that Legibra offer to help SMEs grow.

Experts say that most of the challenges facing SMEs are beyond government bureaucracy. We can’t agree less. Most people want replicative businesses. No one does a market survey to see whether the business is viable. Although, finance remains the most critical challenge. As Legibra we understand that SMEs go through financial constraints but believe that cheap is expensive. We give you what fits your business at a price that is worth the try. 

Besides, we offer your business a well-crafted social media marketing approach which aims at winning the hearts of your prospective customers.

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