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How Long Does It Take to Build a Simple Website?

In the realm of website development, the most commonly asked question apart from cost is how long does it take to build a website?

The answer is simple: It depends on whether you want a simple static website or a simple dynamic website.

Static Vs. Dynamic Websites 

Static Websites

Static websites have 20 or fewer pages capturing the home page, services, about us, work samples, contact page and a small photo gallery. Static sites display the same content to everyone and don’t allow interaction with users. Here’s a simple website that we did for Nyamwathi, a writer and designer; this site took  4 weeks weeks to complete.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic sites have more sections and dozens of pages consisting of various categories and sub-categories. They also allow for interactions like logging in, registration, updating of content, posting on blog. These sites take about 3 – 4 months to complete due to the quantity of content involved and kind of features offered. Check out this dynamic website that we did for Two Rivers Mall.

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A static website takes about 2-4 weeks to complete but a dynamic website takes longer (2-4 months) due to the complexity of work involved (database design, web programming etc.) However, it is important to note that the times it takes to build a website also depends on the commitment of a client. A website project may take longer due to delay by the clients in giving feedback and content. Other factors that affect the timeline are the website function, business size, late change requests and implementation requests.

Important Steps to Ensuring Timely Completion of Your Website

  • Note that the time it takes to complete your website project is determined by both the designer and you as the client.
  • Always request for a project timeline before your preferred web company embarks on your project. At Legibra, we offer our clients a time plan before we start on any project to avoid confusion and ensure smooth delivery of project.
  •  Always ask for a website mock up to ensure you get what you want.
  • Lastly, the final factor is the time taken before the website is launched. This period largely depends on clients and hence you should be more proactive to ensure timely completion of your site. This stage involves reviewing the whole site, requesting changes and finalizing on the website’s content.

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Do you need a simple website that shows information about your business? What about a dynamic website that allows you to capture big data from your clients and visitors? Contact us, we’d love to help.


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