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Facebook SEO: Tips to Strengthen your Online Presence

Facebook pages are fast becoming “second home pages” for online businesses. In fact, for some businesses, the Facebook fan page is the ONLY page they have. For such companies, it is crucial to ensure that the Facebook page is well optimized and customers can easily find it when they search on Google.

In this read, we take a look at the different ways you can tweak your Facebook business page to strengthen web presence.

How to Optimize Facebook SEO

 1. Choose a Unique Facebook page name

If you decide not to use your brand name, choose a name that is not too general but is specific to the services or products that you offer.  Ensure that the first word you choose for your fan page is relevant to your business as search engines like Google give it the most importance. Also keep in mind that Facebook allows you to pick a business page name only once.

2. Include Keywords 

Keyword optimization is an important SEO aspect not only in a conventional website but also on your Facebook page. You should use the same technique used in optimizing  your website for SEO. The 140-character description used on a website’s Metadata should also be used on the Facebook page. This will ensure that the whole message is displayed when it is searched on the search engine and that your brand’s presence is consistent.

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3. Include Your Contacts

Including your contact information on the Facebook page increases the chances of your fans and other potential clients contacting you. You will get more access to all your potential customers.

4. Drawing Attention to a Current Campaign

You can use your cover photo to draw attention to a current event, campaign or content. You could use your cover photos by ensuring that they match your latest promotions and campaigns. The color choice and aesthetic value on your chosen cover photo should be eye-catching and creative in order to attract the attention of your target clients and audience. Another effective way of ensuring that a current campaign is successful is by using a hashtag that is iconic and immediately recognizable by your target audience.

5. Back Linking and Liking Other Pages on Facebook

Back linking to other pages is an important tip that you should exploit. The more the links your Facebook Page contains, the more legitimate it will be viewed by Google and as a result, its rankings will increase. This is the reason why it is important to include a link on your Facebook fan page from Twitter, blog or website. You should also like other pages on Facebook that are relevant to your business.

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Final Words

All the above are the important tips you should follow when optimizing your Facebook SEO to improve its rankings on search engines. Do you need help with your social media marketing? Contact us today 🙂 We’d love to help.

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