WordPress 4.7 Has Been Released!

The newest version of WordPress is here!

It’s called ‘Vaughan’ after the legendary jazz vocalist Sarah ‘Sassy’ Vaughan and can be downloaded or updated on your WordPress dashboard.

So what’s new about the WordPress 4.7?

  1. An Easily Customizable Default Theme
    twenty seventeen theme

    twenty seventeen theme

WordPress 4.7 comes with a new default theme; Twenty Seventeen. This theme allows you to customize a lot of things directly using the WordPress customizer. You only need to navigate to the appearance section, then the customize section to start customizing your own WordPress website.

2. Add Videos to Your Header

Just like I mentioned in my previous post, WordPress Trends for 2017, video headers are going to become more popular as we get into 2017. WordPress has noticed this trend too and now allows you to add a URL or upload a video which will be displayed on the header.

3. Editor section easier to use

Unlike the previous version where you had to click on the toggle button to access the paragraph and heading selector menu, the WordPress 4.7 version has these vital buttons at the top bar with the rest of the other buttons.

4. Starter Content

theme starter content

theme starter content

If you are a beginner in WordPress development and have a hard time understanding the different themes available and how they can work for you, WP 4.7 makes your work easier by introducing the concept of ‘starter content’. This involves the use of theme-specific selections of content to help you understand how themes work.

5. New Goodies for WordPress Theme Customizers

Do you ever wish the functionality of WordPress themes and plugins was more powerful? Version 4.7 introduces some new functions, hooks and behaviors that will impress you. Check them out here.

6.  Improved PDF Support

Perhaps one of the best improvement of the WordPress 4.7 version is its ability to generate image representations of the first page making it easier to preview PDF documents in the media library by generating image representations of the first page.

Vaughan also has plenty of goodies for WordPress developers, check them out here.

Clearly, the new WordPress 4.7 is a jam-packed release with several features that focus on getting a theme set up right the first time. Personally, I like the fact that you can now edit element attributes directly from the customizer.

But what about you? What do you like the most in the new WordPress 4.7?

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