Email Creation, Changing email Password and checking Ports.

Creating Emails in C-panel

An Email is an electronic mail used to distribute a message within a network, institutions that have domains mostly use emails that are associated with that domain.

Given a domain, the email that can be used is in form of; [email protected], [email protected], etc.

To create an email in c-panel, make sure you have the credentials to access your c-panel. If you don’t have the credentials, contact your hosting provider then proceed to follow this steps.

  1. Login to your c-panel by entering this URL your domain/c-panel

c-panel login image

  1. Locate Email panel and click Email Accounts.

legibra image

  1. Locate Add Email Account and navigate there.
  • In the section, enter the name of the email you want under your domain. Note that you’ll just enter the name. The is there by default.
  • Enter a strong password for security reasons and also easier to remember.

  1. You did it!





Changing Email(s) Password


To change the email password;

  1. Login to your c-panel, Locate Email panel and click Email Accounts as shown above.
  2. Locate Email Accounts tab and search the email you want to change a password. (image at step 4)
  3. On the email that you want to change, on the right side, locate password & authentication and click it.

legibra image


  1. Enter the password of your choice and save changes.



When Checking Ports to use in Your Email Configuration when setting up emails you’ll need a layout. Some of the settings encountered are the ports to use.

Follow the steps below to check the ports to use over IMAP or POP3

  1. Login to your c-panel, locate Email panel and click Email Accounts as demonstrated above.
  2. On any address, on your right side click Connected Devices > Set up Mail Clients.

legibra image



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