Small Online Businesses You Could Start In Kenya Today With Very Little Capital

Kenya’s amongst the fastest growing economies embracing the future. There is still room for growth, especially for online businesses. In addition to the popular mobile money transfer services (M-Pesa) and a stable economy despite the prolonged electioneering period, the country marches on as a haven for business and investment. While in the yesteryears more and more businesses have spurted out of artisanal work, retail and merchandising sector.

Just recently we have witnessed a dramatic increase in online businesses taking shape in the country. The aforementioned mobile-money transfer services have created a work-from-anywhere culture that has been the throbbing heart of these jobs, and Kenyans have not wasted the opportunity presented to them when the country beat African powerhouses to top the Internet Speed List.

So, which small online business can you start in Kenya with little capital?

  1. Blogging – You don’t need to be an IT guru to operate a blog. All you need to do is register a domain with Legibra and start typing your way to the bank. After registration of the domain, for as little as KES. 3,000, we will train you on how to go about blogging and what to do to make good money from it.
  2. Freelance Writing – This is the usual suspect for many college students and even grads. There are many platforms – for example, iWriter – that provide freelance writing jobs. Most of them are free to sign up, so you can easily get one and start earning. It’s that simple!
  3. Social Media Consultancy – With so many active users who never seem to let go of the hype, social media stats in Kenya have made almost all the companies take note and invest. They have gone out to hire consultants, influencers, and even copywriters; hence providing jobs that businesspeople can angle for.



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  1. Website design – Not everybody can afford the bespoke, quality website design services that we offer; hence creating a vacuum that freelance website developers have grabbed with both hands. Their websites may be a quick fix and may not handle all the necessary requirements that a website made by Legibra would grant, but that is not to say there is no money there.
  2. Online Hotel Booking – Tourists continue to flock to Kenya in their millions, and that has led to the rise of related industries such as hotel booking and consultation. Those who have found out a way to know who’s coming over and convinced them to do their hotel booking through them have earned top dollar while at it.


Let’s Begin

For most conventional businesses, the first stop when starting out would be at a Registrar of Companies’ office. Further to a vacant office thereafter to set up. But those who do online businesses set up their offices online. These offices are referred to as domains. That has enough space for everyone.

What’s a domain, you may ask?

A domain name is your announcement to the world that you have arrived and that your online business is open. While emphasizing your ‘real’ business name; it also depicts what your offer – effectively marketing you to your target audience. A domain name, for example,, would also prove the authenticity and authority of your business.

The good thing about getting a domain name from us at Legibra is that we set you up with professional email addresses to bring out the authenticity of your business to all your communications. If the online writing guy we have given an example of up there was called James, then he’ll have his email address as [email protected] or the more common [email protected] if not [email protected]. James’ staff could also get professional email addresses reading their names; hence bringing the recommended personal touch crucial for earning a client’s trust.

With our domains going for as little as 3,000; why would you need a jackpot to start an online business? A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. And that one step might just be the most important of them all.


What Next? Look out for Part 2 of our ongoing series on ‘Small Online Businesses You Could Start In Kenya Today With Very Little Capital’.


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