How The Internet changed Our lives

How The Internet Changed Our Lives

In the previous post, What is The Internet? How Does it Work? we discussed that the internet is basically a connection of computers that share information stored in servers. In this post, we’ll look at how the internet changed our lives.

Can you remember the last time you didn’t use your smartphone the whole day?

Yet, just 20 years ago, there weren’t any smartphones. Back then, if you wanted to keep up with the news, you had to walk down to the newsstand when it opened in the morning and buy a newspaper that reported what happened yesterday. Today, however, a few clicks are enough to read your local newspaper and any news source from anywhere in the world. You can also buy shoes, talk to a friend and even order food without leaving your doorstep. In other words, the internet has completely changed our lives.


5 Ways the Internet Changed Our Lives

  1. It has changed the way you communicate
How the internet changed our lives

How the internet changed our lives

Of all the plethora of communication opportunities that the internet has introduced to our lives, I would highlight that social media has had the biggest impact on the way we communicate. Remember when reconnecting with old forgotten classmates or relatives was a struggle? Today, you can reach to anyone you want through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp just by tapping your screen.

  1. It has changed the way we create and share knowledge

Before the internet, few ways of sharing knowledge existed. These days, you can learn more than ever and do it from wherever you prefer. In fact, if you wanted to go to an accredited University but life got on in the way, you can easily get bachelor’s and master’s degrees online. Online studying allows you to learn and train at your own pace and schedule. What’s more, the World’s Encyclopedia is as weightless, free and instantly accessible as Wikipedia.

  1. It has changed the way we view privacy


How the internet changed our lives

How the internet changed our lives

Thanks to the internet, a complete stranger from across the globe may view your Facebook profile and learn everything about you with just a smartphone and data bundles. Long gone are the days when privacy meant locking the front door, today you have to lock your social media accounts and even add an extra layer of security for your emails.

  1. It has changed our relationships

I remember the days when I had to wait until Christmas to see all my cousins and aunties. Now I’m connected with almost all of them and can reach out to them around the clock. I can also share important moments of my life in a simpler, more accessible and more immediate way using my laptop, phone or tablet. The internet has also contributed in the coming together, staying together and even breaking up of couples. What’s more, there are even online tools that have been engineered specifically for people who want to get together and have sex.

  1. It has changed social and political activism

One only needs to look at Boniface Mwangi to understand how the internet has changed political activism. Boniface uses online platforms like Twitter and Facebook to voice political opinions and inform citizens why they should express their political liberties. Also, taking a look at USA’s 2016 presidential election where Donald Trump emerged the winner, it’s quite clear that the internet played a significant role as a communication tool.

Next, we will focus on how the internet has influenced and changed the nature of business and employment. Be sure to stick around 🙂

Please drop us a comment on how the internet has changed your life if you feel like it. We love discussions, long or short, formal or slang-y.




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